The 9-Step Checklist for Evaluating and Improving Employee Performance

Did you know that that only about 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work? It’s true: Recent data from a Gallup poll shows that nearly two-thirds of workers are not invested in the work

9 Things To Consider When Recognizing Remote Employees

Even if managing remote employees is becoming a more widespread phenomenon, many leaders stills struggle with one of its key aspects – employee recognition. It doesn't matter whether employees work on-site or remotely – obviously,

[Infographic] The Benchmark of Successful Internal Email Campaigns

Even though social communication is on the rise, email remains a reliable ally for most workplaces and it can be a powerful channel for employee engagement. We recently discussed business transparency practices and how internal communication

Tips for using continuous feedback to enhance employee engagement

(Guest article by Jayne Blake) Enhancing employee engagement has always been a crucial element in any workplace, and that remains true today. An employee who remains engaged throughout the year will be better motivated, more productive,

Improving Employee Engagement in Large Organizations

While smaller organizations can show more flexibility and creativity in engaging and retaining their employees, larger organizations are faced with a number of extra challenges that require a different approach to employee engagement. A notable

[Infographic] How to Manage Poor Attitudes and Negativity in the Workplace

How do you know if your employees like what they’re doing and contribute positively to the workplace? More importantly: How do you know if they don’t, and what impact is this having on your business? Although