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8 Ways HR Can Streamline and Improve the Employee Orientation Process

Over the years, most HRs have always found the employee orientation and hiring processes quite challenging. It's one area in their work where they keep researching and upgrading to meet its evolving standards. There

2023-12-01T11:22:39+00:00By |Employee engagement|

How Pre-employment Screening Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process?

In the UK, there are over 32.8 million people who are currently employed in 2023. That’s a crazy amount of individuals who are constantly seeking out new opportunities in other companies and swapping industries -

The Role of HR In Building Strong Communication Skills In An Organization

In any organization, strong communication skills are essential for smooth operation and positive work culture. The HR department plays a pivotal role in establishing this foundation of communication. They must ensure that every employee understands

Harnessing AI for Employee Engagement and Strategic Talent Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps in managing and supporting people at work.  Onе-sizе-fits-all management is an old concept.  AI helps in handling the employees according to their own unique needs and prеfеrеncеs.  It makеs the еnvironmеnts

2023-11-21T13:33:45+00:00By |Employee engagement|

Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment: Leveraging Job Portals to Attract a Varied Talent Pool

Diversity is not just a buzzword for modern companies, but a business imperative. Having a diverse workforce is beneficial since it brings varied perspectives, contributes to innovation, and reflects our globalized world. Likewise, inclusion ensures

2023-11-20T12:18:25+00:00By |Talent Acquisition|

Timekeepers of the Digital Age: The Emergence of Clock In Clock Out Apps in HRM

In the always-changing world of HR management, time tracking has gone through big changes too. We've moved beyond the era of traditional paper time sheets and cumbersome manual processes. Clock In Clock Out apps and

2023-11-09T12:34:40+00:00By |Leadership|

Creating an Effective Internship Program: A Guide for Employers

Internship programs can serve as talent pipelines and centers of innovation for organizations. In an ever-competitive landscape for top talent, having a well-structured internship program is not just a "good-to-have" but a strategic necessity. In

2023-11-07T12:05:53+00:00By |Talent Acquisition|
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