[Updated 2024] How Social Leadership is Changing the Way We Lead

There was a time, and are still times, when being emotional or empathic were viewed as weak skills that had no place in effective management. In today’s business climate, to navigate the increasingly complex

[Updated 2024] What’s The Best Way To Manage Employee Relations?

Managing a team is a double challenge. You manage people and you manage objectives. The distinction between the two exists only in theory. You're never able to completely separate the two. Working with people

7 Tips For HR To Shape A Customer Experience Focused Workforce

The market is gradually shifting towards customer-centricity and customers are beginning to demand more attention with positive service experiences.  Customers now expect you to know their jobs-to-be-done, communicate and implement solutions with minimal effort

All You Need to Know about Positive Leadership in the Modern Workplace

Not all leadership is alike. There are many different types of leaders, and some are better than others. Also, some organizations thrive effortlessly with the transformational leadership style, while for others, laissez-faire or another

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Timekeepers of the Digital Age: The Emergence of Clock In Clock Out Apps in HRM

In the always-changing world of HR management, time tracking has gone through big changes too. We've moved beyond the era of traditional paper time sheets and cumbersome manual processes. Clock In Clock Out apps and

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What practices can HR leaders implement to ensure benefits to the company through attrition?

Employee attrition is a natural process in which a company loses its employees due to certain life events such as resignation, retirement, elimination of a particular position, or other such reasons. In case of

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