9 Employee Engagement Archetypes, The Best Employee Benefits And Perks, and HR Trends in 2016 #FridayFinds

Throughout the week, we come across some truly memorable articles that bring us fresh information, “Aha” moments and some HR and engagement wisdom. In this new #FridayFinds series, we’re going to round-up these articles and

Customized Leadership Development, Performance Management Mistakes, Attracting the Right Talent And Choosing An HR Vendor #FridayFinds

This week we’ve come across some really enlightening articles, on key HR topics that we want to share with you. Touching on distinct areas of HR, these content pieces bring a new perspective and actionable

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Attracting Millennials, The Boundless Office, Peer-Based Learning and The Teacher-Leader #FridayFinds

It’s been a crazy week, time has just flown by, but we’ve managed to keep an eye out for great articles to share with you today and we also have an exciting piece of news,

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How Annual Reviews Damage Engagement, Career Jumping, Organizing Your Office and Closing The Skills Gap #FridayFinds

It’s March already (I feel like we’ve skipped a month) and it’s Employee Appreciation Day in the US! On behalf of our employee engagement and workplace happiness community, allow me to thank all the hardworking,

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Offering feedback to coworkers, workplace flexibility, performance indicators and managers’ discomfort in communicating with employees #FridayFinds

This week’s main themes in article roundup are feedback and the employee experience - two highly discussed topics that leave a lot of space for improvement. And while we’re on the topic of employee experience,

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The Future Of Work, What Drives Company Culture, HR Tech Trends and Making Engagement Happen #FridayFinds

This week’s best articles in HR and employee engagement revolve around the increasingly important role of technology and the way that it’s pushing organizations towards digital workplaces where real-time information is essential. Taking the daily

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Build A Diverse Workforce, How Employee Satisfaction Drives Business Value, Workplace Responsibility And Engagement Survey Questions #FridayFinds

This week has been about happiness at work for us, as we just launched our Workplace Happiness eBook - What makes people happy at work? Download your copy here and get inspired to make your

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Responsibility For Employee Engagement, Leadership Insights From Pixar Co-founder, Money As Motivation, And The Risks Of Sedentary Work #FridayFinds

While we were getting ready for our website makeover and content update for Hppy (which I invite you to explore in detail), we managed to sneak a few breaks for some truly inspirational and eye-opening

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UK’s Happiest Workplace, Tough Conversations, Engagement Economics And Work-Life Balance #FridayFinds

Although it’s tough to outshine a news like the Panama Papers leak, we’ll still going to try and bring into focus some of this week’s best articles in the HR world. Here they are: Inside

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The Modern Work Culture, Are Employees Disposable, Good Managers Make A Difference And The Business Case For Diversity #FridayFinds

Welcome to a new Friday which we hope is a productive ending to a productive week! To help you stay ahead of next week’s tasks and relax intelligently as you wrap-up this week, here are

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