Staying Productive During The Summer Slump, Where You Sit In Your Office Impacts Your Productivity, Taking Work Stress Home And 13 Tools To Help Stress Management #FridayFinds

For those experiencing a hot, torrid summer, the workplace might not be the greatest place to be, as we can see in some of the stats in this infographic by Grasshopper. If you’ve already had your vacation, you might be more productive than those who haven’t taken time off yet (which is not a good idea).

Well, we’re here to help. Let’s start this weekly #FridayFinds edition with some actionable tips on how to overcome the summer slump and regain some much needed productivity:

How To Stay Productive During The Summer Slump

It may seem like a no-brainer, but setting the right temperature at work can induce greater productivity. However, there’s always someone too cold and someone too hot in the same office, leading to a battle of AC vs. windows that can hurt productivity as well as the general atmosphere.

You know what else helps? Exercise. Physical exercise is a sure way to improve your mental capacity, including better concentration, sharper memory and faster learning. Neuroscience for business says so.

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How Where You Sit In Your Office Impacts Your Productivity

Surprising? It is, for many of us. New research from Cornerstone OnDemand and Harvard Business School aims to show that rearranging desks or sitting next to someone with a complementary work style can be a cost-effective way to inject energy and efficiency into the workday.

In this first study of “spatial management,” researchers analyzed data from the more than 2,000 workers at a large technology company with several locations across the U.S. and Europe over a period of two years. What they found was that seating the right types of workers together led to increased productivity and profits, leading to a 15% increase in organizational performance.

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Don’t Take Work Stress Home with You

Mental health has always been an important concern of hours, from a workplace perspective. And it seems we were right to talk about it – The UK Health and Safety Executive study found that 43% of days lost to illness were stress related, while another study, by the American Psychological Association (APA), found that the two most common stressors among those surveyed were work and money.

In a recent piece on mental health, we’ve talked about some of the signs you need to look for and even some solutions or preventive measures that you can take to stop these statistics from turning into a commonplace scenario. But what happens when you take this stress with you at home?

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13 Brilliant Gadgets and Tools to Help Stress Management

Seeing as being solution-oriented is a much-required skill in today’s top talent, technology might be one way to combat some of this workplace stress.

Take a look at these gadgets and apps that help you attack stress in different ways such as calming you when you feel like everything is going wrong, helping you with meditation, using biofeedback to make you relax, or helping you go to sleep.

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