You know those little things that make your day shine and are not really connected to you in any way? A colleague’s attitude, the way your workspace is organized or random surprises that your colleagues treat you to can make every day at work more enjoyable.

Little things that make people feel happy at work

1.Sociable colleagues

Isn’t everything better when you have nice colleagues to work with?

2. Doing tasks that have meaning for me

Let’s say your current job is just a means to pay your rent and you’re waiting for a dream job opportunity. But, whatever you’re doing you want to be appreciated for your work. And how can we judge a fish by its climbing skills? We can’t.

3. Constructive feedback

The most important part of your work is feedback. No matter if it’s positive or negative (and then you will know what you have to change) feedback represents a very important instrument for measuring the quality of your work. Constructive feedback that gives you ideas for improvement can transform your day into a very productive and cheerful one.

4. Smiling co-workers

A smile never cost anybody anything and a day seems to go better when you are surrounded by colleagues that smile and are willing to help you anytime or just to hug you when you are not feeling ok.

5. Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude and Recognition

A culture of gratitude and recognition goes a long way in making employees feel valued and happy at work. Taking a moment each day to express appreciation for colleagues, whether for their help, hard work, or positive attitude, fosters a supportive and positive work environment. This can be as simple as a thank-you note, a shout-out during a team meeting, or a recognition program that highlights outstanding contributions. By acknowledging the efforts and achievements of employees, companies can cultivate a sense of belonging and community, making the workplace a source of joy and motivation.

6. Having a mentor

Not anybody can brag about having a mentor at their job. A mentor is not only a teacher, it is the person that inspires you, the person from whom you want “steal” job know-how or hard-earned wisdom.

7. A good training program

We all feel very motivated do our job the best way we can when we have a good training program. You can receive better feedback, you can be more focused on your work and you can improve your skills when you know you’ll be rewarded.

8. Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions where we challenge our brains to come up with a mountain of ideas underneath which lies a single brilliant idea for a project are both relaxing and exhausting. Even though it seems like a paradox, a brainstorming session can actually summon all the creativity that we are capable of.

9. Open-minded people around

If all the people around us would be open minded we would all have something to gain.

10. A unique benefits package

We bet you love free coffee or lunch, or free stuff included in your unique benefits package. Or maybe you prefer free gym or free parking. More and more employers are choosing to provide a coffee service in their office, gym memberships or stipends, lunches, or other benefits.

A friendly working environment

1. Playing games (only on lunch breaks)

Taking a break once in a while is the key to success. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of your free time to revitalize your body and relax your brain cells?

2. A room designed exclusively for fun

Wouldn’t your work environment be happier if you would have a room only for entertainment purposes? A room full of games where you can leave the stress behind?

3. Short breaks

Short going-out-for-some-air breaks give you the perfect time to have a moment for yourself in which you can analyze your daily problems. Taking longer micro breaks helps tremendous in employees productivity, it reduces stress, keeps workers engaged and makes work more enjoyable.

4. A clean desktop with a nice wallpaper

In order to be productive, we need to be organized. The same applies to your desk, your files and, of course, your desktop. A clean workspace gives you a great push when you want to start new things or tasks. And a happy wallpaper should bring a wide smile on your face.

5. Great indoor design

White walls and uncomfortable chairs aren’t the greatest amplifiers for creativity. If you’re not getting the greatest results from your brainstorming sessions, surely the monotone work environment is a driver. A colorful room, with all kind of inspirational images on the walls, a comfy chair, and a hilarious rug will kick off that wild imagination of yours.  If you have created a prototype through your imagination and you wish to explore the real-life ideas relevant to what you’re thinking, then you can perform Google image search. This method will help you to explore similar images to your imagination through multiple image search engines and find a perfect indoor design.

6. Nice tools to work with (pencils and stuff, a fast laptop or PC)

What could make you happier than your own work kit? A personalized laptop, a colorful crayon support, an elegant agenda – all these little things are details that could change the way your day unfolds.

7. A cozy chair

Sitting at a desk all day long could have long-term negative effects on your health. And as we all know, unhealthy people are not happy. A chair that makes you feel relaxed can make work seem more enjoyable, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. And isn’t this a great reason to be happy?

8. Prioritize Mental and Physical Well-being

The well-being of employees is paramount for maintaining a happy and productive work environment. Companies should prioritize both mental and physical health by providing resources such as wellness programs, mental health days, and access to fitness facilities or activities. Encouraging regular breaks, offering workshops on stress management, and creating a supportive atmosphere where employees feel comfortable discussing their well-being are crucial steps. By investing in the health of their workforce, businesses not only enhance the overall happiness of their employees but also contribute to a more vibrant and energetic workplace culture.

9. A book

A book found on your desk in the morning, which you asked to borrow just a few days ago can make your day be clear as the sky on a sunny day. You’ll be smiling all day, just waiting to go home and start reading.

Good things that set your mood


1. Learning day by day

Whether it’s keeping up on current events, a new hobby or interest or simply any new idea, taking a small amount of time to learn something new every day is a great way to add to your personal knowledge base.

2. Good coffee or amazingly tasty tea

A tasteful jasmine tea or an energizing coffee with plenty of milk can indeed be the reason you keep fighting at the office on a cloudy day.

3. Lunch breaks

Lunch break is also very important: your brain has a small amount of time in which it can catch a breath and you have the perfect chance to taste something good to brighten your mood and feed your brain.

4. Nice music

Chillout music for quiet days, soft dubstep for lazy moments and “Lana del Rey forever” says one of my favorite colleagues. And she’s always right.

5. Sweets shared with my colleagues (especially chocolate)

What can be better than that special moment when one of your colleagues brings a box full of chocolates and they’re willing to share it with you? Or a big platter of home-baked cookies with apples and cinnamon?

6. Quiet times where you’re alone in the office

Do you know those moments when you are the only one in the office (hopefully not after hours), and you are looking around and there is no one at all?

7. Flexible schedule/ hours

Being able to leave the office whenever you have personal business to take care of is something that you must love about a job.

8. Embrace Change and Growth Opportunities

Change is often perceived as a daunting force, especially in the workplace where routines and predictability are valued. However, embracing change can lead to significant personal and professional growth opportunities. It encourages employees to learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and exercise their creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the organization. By fostering an environment that views change as a positive force, companies can boost employee morale and productivity. Encouraging employees to view change as an opportunity rather than a threat can transform the workplace into a dynamic and innovative space.

9. Smart jokes and going out every Friday

Friday is a magical day when open-minded colleagues are coming up with funny smart jokes that continue over casual drinks into the weekend.

What other small things make you happy during working hours?

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