Why most cultural integrations in M&A fail and how to avoid it

M&A confidence is building, following last year’s trends. According to Allen&Overy’s M&A Index for Q1 2014, the U.S. continues to be increasingly active while Europe is beginning to recover. Despite this growth, companies are still

The Role of HR In Researching, Avoiding & Resolving Conflicts at Work

Human Resource Management is essential for the proper functioning of any business that employs large numbers of people. Even though it is hard to overestimate the importance of HR within the organization, most people don’t

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What is Employee Branding? And Why Your Company Should Invest in Employees

Employer branding may be all the HR rage these days, but there’s another important—and overlooked—type of branding that should be on your radar: Employee branding.  Where business branding refers to the perception others have of

HR Trends: Optimize your recruitment process with one key action

As the global economy is visibly recovering and the aging workforce has become a real issue, companies are focusing their efforts on attracting and retaining new talent. But the classical recruitment process has been severely

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