Why Purpose-Led Businesses Succeed, Hire The Right Managers, How Anxiety Affects CEO Decision Making And Pushing Past Perfectionism #FridayFinds

Fridays are great for learning and catching up with industry news right before you go off to enjoy an amazing weekend, am I right?

Put  a pause on Pokémon Go for a couple of minutes and take a look at this week’s best articles on HR, employee engagement and the way our brains work:

Why Purpose-Led Businesses Succeed

A great perspective on purpose-led companies and their subsequent business success. Not only does purpose adds years to your life and makes you more resilient, it also translates into committed employees and improves your bottom-line in business.

Research from Deloitte shows that 90% of people who believe their organization has a strong sense of purpose also report a strong financial showing in the business.

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When You Hire The Right Managers, ‘Engagement’ Improves

Efficient leadership is crucial to employee engagement. As Gallup points out in one of their reports, managers account for 70 percent of variance in engagement across business units.

However, it’s not an easy task to find the right managers, as shown by Workplace Trends’ 2015 report, where almost half of the 1,000 HR professionals surveyed named leadership as the hardest skill to find, and only 36 percent listed leadership as a strength in their own organizations.

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How Anxiety Affects CEO Decision Making

The human brain works the same regardless of your job position. Even if you’re an accomplished CEO with years and years of experience, your brain is not immune to anxiety. If you;re not familiar with neuroscience and the essential role it plays in business, take a look at our recent Neuroscience for Business Series.

According to Harvard Business Review, psychology research has shown that anxiety influences decision making—for example, job anxiety can cause people to fixate on potential threats, thus missing big opportunities. How do you think this influences a CEO’s strategic decision making?

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How To Train Your Brain to Push Past Perfectionism

Staying on the brain topic, let’s talk about fear of failure and the need to be perfect. How many of us suffer from perfectionism to the point that we’re no longer admirably pushing ourselves to excellence, but harming ourselves professionally and psychologically with the need to always be perfect?

When you’re so overwhelmed by work and anxiety, you can’t get anything done, and you become trapped in a loop of unhealthy thoughts, impulses, and behaviors.

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