It’s undeniable that work practices like meetings have evolved in recent years. Nowadays, you can hold a group gathering without meeting each other in person. You can set up a meeting using a laptop or computer. This means you can discuss important matters with other people wherever they may be. 

However, although virtual meetings are convenient, they can sometimes feel less enjoyable for some people. After all, it limits interaction between peers. So, if you wish to make your online sessions more engaging, here are some tips you can try:  

1. Assign A Host  

Allowing team members to host a virtual meeting can be an excellent way to make it more enjoyable. If you hold it regularly, you can let a different person take the lead per session so everyone can experience it. This would engage your staff and let them know their presence at the meeting is essential. 

If they haven’t hosted an online gathering before, it’s best to give them a guideline they can follow. For instance, you can draft a meeting flow with discussion points so they don’t miss anything during the session. You may also let them utilize virtual corporate experiences to enhance the meeting’s atmosphere.  

Furthermore, you can allow your staff to discuss a topic outside of work and share information before wrapping up the meeting. For instance, meeting attendees can talk about their favorite home recipes and share them. This would enable you to end on a good note and build camaraderie among team members. 

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2. Hold Themed Meetings 

A virtual meeting shouldn’t hold you back from bringing out your creative side. Hence, you can propose different themes whenever you meet your staff to lighten up the mood during your online sessions.  

For instance, if your meeting coincides with a holiday like Easter, you can incorporate it into your background or outfit. You can ask everyone to wear an outfit or costume following the theme. Doing so would make them look forward to your virtual meeting. After all, they may not have a lot of chances to dress up since they usually work from home.  

To level up your meetings, you can also design a background everyone can use during the session. Some video calling platforms allow you to use a photo as your backdrop, so it’s easy to change your background.  

If you want to ensure everyone follows your theme, you can set a price or incentive. For instance, you can provide a gift card to the team member with the best outfit during the meeting. 

3. Play Games  

One advantage of holding virtual meetings is access to various online tools. You can use them during your gatherings to engage your employees. Hence, if you think your scheduled meet-ups are starting to feel repetitive, you can try to play games to elevate the mood.  

For instance, you can divide your staff into two teams and play a trivia game for a few minutes before the meeting. You can use online gaming websites, so it’s easier to project the questions and answers on everyone’s computer screen.  

You may also ask your team members to suggest games, so you can play a different one every time you meet. Adding this portion to your meeting agenda will help uplift your team members’ spirits and enable them to enjoy the session.  

4. Use Creative Presentations  

If you wish to make your virtual meetings more entertaining for all attendees, it’s a great idea to prepare your presentations and make them visually appealing. For instance, if you have to present a business plan, you can incorporate various elements into your slides instead of only using text.  

You can add effects to your slides to look bolder on screen. It would be best if you also opted for a readable font to ensure everyone can read your presentation well. These details can impact how people digest information, so you must pay attention to them.  

To take it one step further, you may use videos to showcase your ideas better. After all, it may be easier for your team members to understand your presentation if you use various visual tools.  

5. Catch Up With Your Team Members  

If your team members haven’t seen each other in person for a while, it may be a good idea to catch up with them during your online sessions. Although you should prioritize discussing work-related topics during the video call, it may still be a good idea to check in on your staff. After all, it may help alleviate their mood and make conversations livelier.  

Hence, ask about your staff’s day whenever you have an online meeting. You may ask them if they need assistance regarding their work set-up or other matters. Additionally, you can talk about each other’s interests to let everyone speak.  

Final Thoughts  

Simple changes like assigning a host or playing games can make virtual meetings more enjoyable. Hence, don’t hesitate to incorporate the ideas mentioned above into your subsequent online sessions.