Best Practices For Implementing Cloud Solutions in the HR Department

More and more companies are relying on cloud solutions to handle their data. Storing your company’s information can improve company-wide communication since it provides your employees with ease of access, flexibility, and quicker response times.

Want Your Employees to Listen? Engage Them with Effective Internal Communication

Engaging employees with effective internal communication is an important tool for all businesses. The core function of internal communications is to share information and to make sure that all employees are on board with the

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Walk and Talk Your Way to Success: The Why’s and How’s of Walking Meetings

How many times have you or your employees dreaded having to go to a meeting? Have you ever not looked forward to sitting at the same conference table or sitting in the same office you

[Infographic] Effective Employee Communication Channels

Did you know that that 12% of organizations aren’t measuring the effectiveness of their communication with employees? The most common real-time metrics available to communicators are content popularity, followed by opens and clicks – but

[Infographic] 7 Tall Tales About Productivity: Myth or Reality?

Happier people are productive, and productive people work all the time, right? That’s how they get so much done—yes? Nope, not at all: Productivity doesn’t actually have much to do with hours. In fact, there are