How To Modernize Your Recruitment Process

If you hadn’t previously considered the power of digital to shape up your recruitment process, then think again. Times are changing, and if you don’t want to get left behind then make sure you get online and adapt to the digital age that is among us.

In today’s tough job-seeking market, job seekers are not only on the lookout for firms that stand out, but they are also much more likely to connect and apply for a position if the recruiter speaks their language first.

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From promoting the key benefits of a firm to using key messages to engage with users, rather than just using salary or healthcare benefits, start using digital to your advantage if you are trying to gain new employees.

Be more social

When it comes to promoting positions, social media is key. Job seekers are much more likely to access information on their cell phone or tablet while on the go than wait until they have access to their laptop, desktop or even Wi-Fi, so make sure that your adverts are specifically created with this medium in mind.

Try using videos, tweets or Instagram posts to produce content that is both relevant and attention-grabbing. Check the tone of your posts to make sure that they are relevant to the job title and your target demographic.

Software such as marketing automation can help you personalize your job adverts, making them more relevant to individual prospective employees, plus you can use scheduling tools to ensure that your digital channels keep working even when you aren’t. Automation is ideal for the busy business person, and who doesn’t have the time to monitor such tedious tasks.

Use key messages

Key messages can help attract fresh new talent to your company. What does your firm offer that your competitors lack? Why is your firm a great place to work? Any key messages you use will help to shape your digital presence, so don’t be afraid to use them; after all, you want to attract people. Plus, you can use relevant keywords in your post to help boost your overall ranking during searches, therefore, improving your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings.

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Establish your key messages from day one, and continue to incorporate them into your digital editorial calendar. You need to garner the attentions of those who matter and who will be interested, rather than the attentions of everyone.

Track your progress

Once you’ve started your online campaign, it’s essential that you begin to track your progress to see which posts or tools have worked best. Make sure that you set up your Google Analytics account, and be sure to provide statistics from your digital channels during your departmental meetings to discuss which posts have worked and which types of post that you won’t be using again.

When it comes to social media, there is no tried and tested method, so get ready to be creative and experiment to see which work best for you and your firm. Try something new, be creative, and if it doesn’t work, then try again.

If you aren’t already using your digital channels to modernize your recruitment process, it’s time to think again. In fact, updating how you interact with potential job seekers and new candidates could revolutionize the way that your company completes its recruitment drive.

First and foremost, make sure that you use social media and be sure to establish any key messages. Make sure that you track your progress, to work out which posts and media have worked best.

Finally, have fun with the process! Be creative and enjoy building your new online presence.

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