How To Use Content Marketing As A Recruiting Tool

A business can only be as good as its employees. Many major corporations are introducing innovative new measures to keep their employees happy and retain their best staff. This is no easy feat with the rise of similar businesses grouping together in certain cities. This means that your best staff could very easily be poached by competitors. You need to make yourself appealing in order to secure the best possible staff.

Fortunately, you can use content marketing as a great tool for recruitment, and attract the best and brightest staff to help your business succeed in the future.

1. Utilize Online Resources For Writing And Proofreading

Using content marketing for recruitment requires a huge amount of quality content that can be posted regularly and consistently. You need to have a schedule and strategy in place in order to draw in the most promising candidates. Some businesses simply don’t have sufficient time and energy to do this. As with most aspects of business, when nobody within the company has the time or the skills to do something, it can be delegated or outsourced. With content marketing, you can choose to outsource either the editing or the writing.

There are several sites which offer these services, some of which are automated, some of which are more personal. For example, Upwork and Freelancer both involve posting a job advert and then interviewing candidates, while other services, such as Big Assignments mean that you only need to select the service that you’re looking for. These are great for anyone looking to hire a professional writer or editor, while People Per Hour offers services specific to website content and development.

2. Use Online Tools To Maximize Your Posts’ Effectiveness

There are certain online tools that are readily available to make your posts more efficient. As it’s well known that blog posts around 2000 words are the best for ranking and visibility, you can check that you’re meeting this criteria with Easy Word Count. You can also take online classes and find helpful tips about writing with Academized.

3. Consider Your Strategy

As with all content marketing, you need to have a plan in order to be successful. This encompasses what you will post and when, as well as what kind of platforms and outlets you will share our content on. You should have a good idea of the social media patterns of the people you are hoping to recruit, which is one aspect you should consider when strategizing.

4. Picture Your Ideal Employee

Trying to create a persona of your perfect candidate, including what would motivate, drive, and interest them, can help you come up with amazing content. Keep this imaginary job candidate in mind, and write to them, as if you are personally offering them their dream job. Content like this will help drive employees who suit your company towards you.

5. Liaise With Human Resources

By maintaining close links with HR, you can discover what positions are actually available in the business, and the kind of person and qualifications that would be best suited for them. That way you can really tailor your content towards the recruitment of specific posts within the business. Rather than seeking out relevant talent, they will come to you.

6. Don’t Neglect Current Employees

In the quest for some awesome new recruits, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your current employees. This is true in general, as good work deserves appreciation, but also specifically in terms of recruiting. Your current employees can be an asset in helping you find new staff. Not only are they the best people to describe the challenges and benefits of the job, but they can also ascribe the characteristics that someone would need to do the job. Surveys and questionnaires to find out what they feel can be improved, and showing the action you’ve taken in response can be appealing to potential new staff, who will know that they’ll be listened to.

Many jobseekers now actively look for reviews of workplaces, and can be turned off a prospective job if current and former staff describe a terrible work environment. Make sure your staff are leaving positive (and true) reviews about your workplace in order to have your pick of awesome candidates.

7. Little Things Matter

While you can showcase some big ideas to impress potential co-workers, the minutiae of daily life are also important. Posts about everyday life at work, about days in the life of certain colleagues can reveal a lot of information, and show that you value individuals.

While one of the best things you can do is sincerely provide an amazing working environment, you can be sure that prospective employees are aware of just how great it would be to work for you by following the above steps in content marketing for recruitment.

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