Giving Gifts to Coworkers: 7 Gift Ideas for Office Friends

Finding the right gifts to give to coworkers can be downright frustrating and stressful if you can’t come up with any good ideas. Getting unique office gifts for coworkers can be even more difficult than for friends because in spite of how much time you spend with your coworkers, it’s likely you keep business and personal matters fairly separate. This guide will examine seven good and unique gift ideas for your office friends.

1. A Smart Notebook

Smart notebooks are a new generation of useful office tech. Essentially how they work is that they can automatically transfer written notes via a companion app to the major cloud-based note software like Dropbox, Google or Evernote. Your coworker will thank you profusely for saving them a lot of time they otherwise would have had to use typing up their notes.

There are several options on the market, so make sure you’re getting one that will best suit your coworker’s needs. For example, if they heavily use Evernote, there is actually a special Moleskine smart notebook that works directly with Evernote exclusively.

2. Desk Toys

There are actually a lot of really neat desk toys that can improve productivity in addition to being fun. A cube wooden puzzle can give employees a nice distraction during break time while improving focus and concentration, which in turn boost productivity. Other good ideas are the standard stress ball or new toys specifically for adults to fidget with.

All of these objects can clear one’s head, reduce anxiety and improve mental function. Brain concentration games, from something as simple as a book of crossword puzzles to something more elaborate like a wooden puzzle, can provide some fun while being beneficial to the employee using them. 

3. A Small Cork Board

This is a great gift idea for offices because it can serve a number of purposes. The recipient can use the cork board to organize their ideas for a project they’re working on, put up personal pictures of their family and pets, or use it as an interactive to-do list. This makes it a nice utilitarian gift that will continue to be useful for a long time.

4. Good Coffee Or Creamer

If your coworkers are always complaining about the office coffee or creamer, this is a great gift idea for them. You can buy them something nicer than what the office usually provides for their morning routine. They might choose to share it with the rest of the office or keep it stashed away as their own little treat.

Either way, they’ll be happy you got them something they use every day that actually tastes good. This can also be extended to any type of food your coworker might like to have stashed away in their desk, from protein bars to crackers.

5. Professional Books

Did one of your coworkers just get promoted, or is she really devoted to her job and always trying to better herself? Popular and well-regarded business books, from the classics such as How to Win Friends & Influence People to the recent hits like The Power of Habit can make excellent gifts. If your coworker reads and learns from the book, they might even become a better employee, which benefits both you and the company.

You can also look into office-related inspirational or humor books, as many of your office friends might need something to uplift them or make them laugh during the long workday.

6. Cushions

You and your coworkers likely spend a lot of time at the office sitting in chairs in front of computers. Numerous studies have shown how bad this can be for your musculoskeletal health, so cushions, either ones that are meant to be sat on or leaned back against, particularly ones that support the lower back, can make excellent gifts for any office friend who struggles with aches and pains.

7. Personal Gifts

For example, if there is a prevailing inside joke at your office, you can get them something silly related to that. Or if you know one of your coworkers really likes seafood, you can give him or her a gift card to a nice local seafood restaurant. Personal gifts generally make the best gifts because it communicates to the other person that you spent the time to get them something they would truly appreciate.

Although shopping for gifts for coworkers can be frustrating, it can also be a lot of fun, especially when some ideas have already been planted in your head. If you’re at a loss for ideas, hopefully some of the suggestions covered above will strike your fancy. You can always ask other coworkers who might be more familiar with the recipient’s likes and dislikes than you are, or you might get lucky if it’s a Secret Santa party and you’ve been given a ready-made list. Whatever the situation, there are plenty of creative and unique gifts to get someone else at the office, especially the ones outlined here.

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