6 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

It’s Wednesday morning and your team looks like they’ve just had their brain cells electrocuted. What will you do to stir them back to life?

Employee morale is one of the key elements that can make or break a brand’s success, which is why all managers should invest active effort and a part of the brand budget in maintaining it on an optimal level. Unfortunately, modern employees are much pickier than their parents when it comes to favourite morale boosters, and 21st-century HR experts therefore need to show a bit of creativity when devising team building programs.

Short on ideas as to how to boost your staff’s morale? Here, check out these simple yet highly efficient strategies and pick the one that suits your company’s budget and your team’s preferences most.

Reinvent Team Building Activities

Many brands use team building activities to promote work drive, collaboration, and close bonds between employees. If you want to shake up team building activities, get your staff tickets to a basketball match, concert, or a similar event. To avoid waste of time and money, you can run a survey in your team and pick the most popular event based on feedback. For peak convenience, you make bookings through an online ticketing system, just to stay on the safe side of the seats.

Celebrate Important Milestones

Brands that take the time to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates in their staff’s lives tend to record higher productivity and employee retention. A survey carried out by Globoforce showed that 89% of workers took more pride in their work after anniversary events. For this reason, it’d be smart to turn celebration of personal and professional milestones into an emotional experience to show your staff their hard work is recognized and appreciated.

Give Them a Cause to Believe in

Your employees need a motivator beyond the paycheck to remain enthusiastic about their work. Workplace friendships and suave office design are solid long-term motivators but they will work much better if you throw a higher cause into the mix. Environmental protection, charity work, and other humane and green causes can come in handy when employee morale dips: by giving your workers a higher purpose, you will secure a spike in both productivity and work enthusiasm.

Promote Productive Employees

Few employees would refuse a promotion or raise, which is another smart morale boosting trick you can try when work drive takes a nosedive. Keep track of your staff’s performance and award the most productive players with a promotion or a raise. A well-timed bonus can sway an unmotivated worker to stay on the team for a while longer, so you should allocate a portion of the budget for reward and stimulation purposes to keep both busy and not-so-busy bees on their toes.

Offer Time-off for Development

If your workers no longer feel passionate about their line of work, you can dissuade them from leaving the company by offering them time off for professional skill development. A sabbatical is an excellent opportunity for your team members to obtain qualifications your company would find useful later on. Alternately, you can encourage your staff to work on special projects in their free time to spark creativity and drive: it worked for Google, and it may just do the trick for you.

Provide Performance Feedback

Employees can lose enthusiasm because they either do not feel their work is valued or they do not know how their work fits the overall business agenda. To keep your team happy and motivated, provide regular feedback and commend and reward most productive players. Also, be sure to emphasize the positives and foster an ambiance of understanding and support in the workplace community: it will help your team weather the less than stellar periods more easily.

Creativity Leads to Productivity

All work and little play can slay productivity and employee morale, which will show in the figures at the end of the month. As a manager, you should strive to keep your staff happy and ready for all the challenges fate may throw their way – but if you’re still here, you now know how to hack work motivation and performance in a creative way.

Good luck!

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