Women And Mentoring In The Age Of #MeToo

The mentoring process continues to grow with variations of approaches. I firmly believe that because of that people are becoming involved in the provision of mentoring service with little or no training whatsoever. There are various forms of training but few that can provide the structure and rigour that must be in place to bring value to a person and to an organization. Now, this whole idea of training and certification is a whole other topic and we will discuss that later. What I want us to focus on is the aspect of women in the workforce and mentoring as there is an interesting story to be told.

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Ever since the #metoo movement launched there has been a reluctance on the part of male mentors to work with female mentees. There are a number of research articles that speak to this very topic so I encourage you to read them to gain a more in-depth perspective. I have included some of them below.

I wanted to get a perspective of the landscape from my point of view and I found that 62% of my clients are women. They are at varying stages in their career and are seeking guidance on a personal and professional level. What I am seeing is that they sometimes lack that trusted person who is non-judgemental and who is adept at “just listening”. One of the greatest attributes of a great mentor is the ability to know when to speak and when to listen. You know, sometimes we don’t have that someone that we can openly sit down and talk. Someone that creates that safe place where I can share my challenges without fear of it becoming public knowledge or I am being judged. These are all things that are important for a woman that is seeking a great mentor.

67% of the women surveyed in a recent study rate mentorship as “high”, however, 63% have never had a mentor. In a lot of cases, there is uncertainty on who to ask or where to go to find them. Imagine the yet untapped skills that could be realized through the mentoring process. Imagine the enhanced skills that could be realized through the mentoring process. The challenge is finding a mentor – the right mentor who has the abilities to unlock the “gift of mentoring” and provide the guidance required in a safe environment to bring value to a woman seeking to grow. Now we need to set the record straight that this growth is on a personal and professional basis.

One of the articles that I referenced below speaks to 8 healthy boundaries in the age of #metoo. I encourage you to read the article especially if you are just starting out with mentoring and working with a female mentee. Your ultimate goal is to be able to create that safe place for a conversation to take place. You will be able to set expectations and boundaries with ease as time progresses.

If we are not able to move past this and provide the mentoring that most women want then we have missed a golden opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities that each of these awesome people possesses. Every mentoring session that I have with the folks that I provide this service to amaze me with their growth on a personal and professional basis.

No matter male or female, it is time to step to the plate and make a difference. If you are unsure if you have the capabilities then get some training and/or a mentor to mentor you. Take part in a mentoring circle where like-minded people will inspire you beyond your imagination.

It is time to share “The Gift of Mentoring!”

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