5 Ways Employers Can Boost Candidate Retention

Getting quality candidates to apply for your positions can sometimes feel like a job in itself. It starts before you even post an opening by ensuring you have proper employer branding and continues through every interaction you have with candidates (including emails and phone calls), ending with an on-site interview and the ultimate goal of gaining a new employee. At any point during this process, however, you run the risk of a great candidate calling it quits and seeking out greener pastures.

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Fortunately, there are many cost-effective things employers can do to convince potential employees to join their teams. Check out these five tips for employers to increase their candidate retention.

1. Benefits

Aside from a good salary, one of the biggest things candidates are looking for is a great benefits package. Standard offerings like healthcare and leave time are a must for many candidates, but there are other benefits that can make you stand out, including free snacks, on-site exercise classes or daycare.

Present candidates with information packets that comprise of your company’s benefits and when they become available (90 days, one year, etc.), your employee handbook, and other company information. This includes images from employee events, workshops and other gatherings, as well as insight into your company culture. Use branded binders to house the documents for a professional touch. Company Folders has several different types from which to choose, including vinyl and clear view. Be sure to use the proper ring size so that there is enough room for your packets.

You should know what makes your business a great place to work, but to be sure, talk to your employees. Give them a survey asking them what made them want to join your team and what keeps them there. You can add this information in your binders as a form of social proof.

2. Professional development

Candidates want to go to a place where they know they can grow their skills. This is why it is critical to provide employees with free professional development. It can be as simple as an online tutorial system they can access, or an offsite workshop. You also can offer tuition reimbursement for college courses or certification classes.

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This will not only develop your employees’ skills, but also ensure you have the best-qualified workforce for your business. It creates a positive, collaborative environment by encouraging employees to work together and share knowledge with each other. Candidates will see that you are willing to invest in your employees and don’t pigeonhole them into one position. Instead, you encourage their growth and help them move up within the company.

3. Comfortable environment

Work atmosphere and environment are very important. If your business is an office setting where most people work at desks, give employees a chance to stretch their legs. Or give them the option to do their work standing up with adjustable desks. Be sure to provide comfortable, ergonomic chairs for those who prefer sitting. If your business requires employees to spend more time on their feet, be sure to provide a relaxing area for them to take breaks.

While they are on site, take candidates on a tour of your business to show them the type of atmosphere you provide employees. Is it clean? How’s the lighting? Do your employees have a comfortable area to take breaks away from their workspaces? Make sure employees are happy with these types of things. Candidates will notice if employees look unhappy while they’re working; they’ll picture themselves in this setting when making an employment decision.

4. Flexible schedules

It’s not always more money employees want. Having the ability to work from home when the furnace breaks or when there’s a sick child can be more valuable than a few extra dollars a week in a paycheck.

Allow employees to flex their lunch breaks to accommodate for early morning appointments or afternoon meetings. Alternatively, give employees the option to work from home. Employees will be grateful that the company understands life happens and is flexible to let them handle issues without taking personal time off.

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Flexibility allows employees to save money by commuting less or using less childcare, which ultimately puts more money in their pockets—a very attractive prospect for candidates. They will appreciate having an employer who trusts them. In addition, this will also increase morale, reduce tardiness and increase attendance among the employees you already have.

5. Celebrations

Having high employee morale typically helps improve retention. One way to do this is to have celebrations for various occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries with the company. This gives employees a chance to socialize at work and enjoy some free snacks.

Gather employees for a lunchtime celebration for birthdays, or put together an after-hours gathering for the holidays. In addition to employee-only gatherings, consider including families in some events. This allows employees who might not have a babysitter to attend the event and highlights how much the company values family time.

While candidates might not get to witness one of these celebrations while they are on site, they’ll still get to witness their effects. Put pictures from the events on a bulletin board in the break room and include them in your employee newsletter (which will be in your company binder). Take candidates on a tour of your business. Let them speak with current employees about what it’s like to work for you.

Remember, candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them, so it’s important to let them know about everything you have to offer and why people like working for your company. Finding quality candidates is tough. As the job market continues to improve, competition for these potential employees will increase, too. Hopefully, these tips will help you onboard great people to your team.

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