5 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Candidates

A resume can only tell you so much about a candidate, such as their educational background and professional history. It fails to tell you the type of person a candidate is, and whether he or she will fit the company’s culture; employing a new person can be risky, and one that may not pay off well. To ensure you pick the right applicant, read the five top tips for choosing the best candidate.

1. Attention to Detail on an Application

It is important to interview candidates who have the attention to detail you are looking for in an employee. The application process can often help you to identify if a person is passionate about a role or industry. For example, people who submit a simple resume and cover letter might lack enthusiasm for the role or industry; it may also suggest that they are applying a whole host of industries, rather than competing for a select few job roles. Those who, however, take the time to write an interesting, personalized cover letter will prove they are a serious candidate, and someone who is more interested in the job.

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It is important to focus on attention to detail when hiring for detailed, technical positions. For example, attention to detail is integral for rail contractor jobs, as the public’s health and safety will be determined by their commitment and performance to a project.

2. Test Your Candidates

While it is important to ask your employees standard questions during an interview, you should also put their knowledge and experience to the test. Rather than asking them to tell you about their experience, ask them to show you. For example, if you are hiring a receptionist, ask them to perform a mock phone call to review their performance. If you are hiring a writer, ask him or her to undertake a writing test, both for their writing skills and their editing capabilities. You can then be 100% confident that they are the best candidate for the advertised position.

3. Hire the Right Personality

It is important the candidate you hire has the right personality for the company. Not only will this ensure you introduce the right employee to the team, but it will prevent the new member of staff from feeling ostracized. You must therefore look beyond his or her resume to ensure they are friendly and relaxed with others, so they can effectively work on team projects, communicate with others, or enjoy a beer with colleagues after work.

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4. Follow Up on References

Do you want to be sure a candidate isn’t too good to be true? Ensure you don’t make a big mistake by following up on their references provided. Not only should you ask about their work performance, but you should find out if they are a clean or messy worker, or are a serious employee or office joker. This will help you to identify if a candidate is the right fit for your organization.

5. Request a Trial Period

Take employees for a test drive before you hire them on a full-time basis. Ask a potential candidate if they would be willing to work for your organization on a trial basis for a few weeks or months, and provide them with a salary. A trial period will help you to identify if a person is the best fit for the office. For example, if a member of staff’s annual salary is $40,000 and you pay them $1,000 for a trial, you have only lost $1,000 instead of $39,000 – or you could discover they are the perfect person for a position.

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