employee monitoring software

If your organization or business is not currently measuring employee productivity, it is losing a lot. Underperforming employees lead to a waste of capital resources and customers are not satisfied. On the other hand, tracking employee productivity will help you gain insight into how skilled, productive and engaged your staff members are.  So, how do you measure each of your employee’s performance? Continue reading the entire post to learn the most effective ways so you can choose the ones that will work for your staff members.

Software or App for Employee Monitoring

What is employee monitoring software? This is a program that has been specially designed to track the productivity and performance of employees at work. These apps or software comes with time and GPS tracking features, features that enable blocking certain web pages, performance tracking features, just to name a few.  Basically, an employer can install the app or software to run in incognito mode. This means that your staff will not recognize that they are being monitored.

If you are looking for the best employee monitoring software it should come with the following features:

GPS and Time Tracking

This is an important feature to ensure employees are using their time to accomplish tasks but not watching cat videos or trolling social media and engaging in behavior that jeopardizes the security of the company. Companies with mobile employees such as field service companies, construction companies, and delivery can benefit from GPS tracking features. They will be able to tell where their employees are when they visit various locations.

Performance Tracking

Is the work getting done? An employee monitoring software will enable you to track staff’s activity on their work computers. You will be able to verify the use of company websites and emails, listen to phone calls, monitor activity on social media, etc. They produce reports which you can study and find trends and patterns that will improve the entire business activity.

Taking Screenshots

The best employee monitoring software has the feature of capturing screenshots. By taking screenshots in a particular interval of time, you will be able to see websites that your employee visits, emails, and websites exchanged, etc.

Visually Monitoring Employees in the Workplace

If you are concerned with issues related to lower productivity in the workplace, you can observe when they are working. This is the fastest way and most popular way to gain insight into their performance. Supervisors are employed to make rounds throughout the day so as to monitor employee productivity. They can spot suspicious behaviors, threats and prevent them quickly before they cause damage to the company. Some people prefer to install cameras at strategic places for direct observation. With cameras, you can monitor almost anything your employee is doing.

Set Clear Expectations

Before utilizing any form of employee surveillance equipment, your employees would be happy if you inform them. They would even be happier if you set clear expectations and deadlines, so they can know how to perform accordingly. With deadlines, your employees will no longer procrastinate but will accomplish tasks at a particular time. With that, your staff may feel more motivated to work.  

An Effective Feedback System

Have a feedback system where your staff fills you on their progress. You can monitor your employees through the feedback system, come up with the correct moment to ask for the progress reports. Clearly inform that you want updates on a regular basis. One of the roles of a project manager is to provide feedback. He handles everything in every department; hence, he is aware of the progress of a project. An effective feedback system brings the best out of the employees and you will know what is being worked on.

Use Profit to determine Productivity

Profit is one of the most effective tools for measuring employee productivity. In the business world, profit is everything and if you use it to measure productivity, it will make sense. If the profits are increasing, that means your employee is working hard to bring more money and your clients are satisfied. This method of monitoring your employee is simple and affordable. You do not need to install software or buy surveillance equipment such as cameras.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash