4 Tips for Booking the Perfect Meeting Room

Whether you need to book a meeting room to impress a client or provide space for an all-hands meeting when it’s the one time a year all of your employees come together, there are several pieces of advice you should follow to avoid making mistakes. Here are four tips for booking the perfect meeting room.

Pick the Right Location

Location is a critical key to a successful off-site meeting. Your ideal meeting space is centrally located to all the participants. It must be accessible to everyone, not tucked down a side street no one could find. You must have adequate and ideally free parking for everyone coming or easy access to public transit. If most of your attendees take public transit, you should give priority to any meeting place near a station such as the meeting rooms in Kings Cross. Once you understand the general area and proximity requirements, you can quickly narrow down the list of options.

Have a Realistic Expectation of Headcount and Space

Are you planning on an all-hands meeting for your team that includes remote workers and contractors who are rarely in the office? Rent a meeting space with room for everyone. If in doubt, round up because you’ll hurt morale if you try to crowd 200 people into space meant for 150.

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Also, give people enough space, especially if you’re trying to impress someone. Interviewing a prospective contractor or new hire in a cramped but upscale office gives them the wrong impression. Meeting a customer in a closet-sized meeting room suggests you either don’t care about their comfort or cannot afford to dedicate more to impress them. Now they’ll wonder what else you’re cutting corners on to save money.

If you cannot afford to rent the space as large as you’d like, then you can start considering scaling back the amenities or hold smaller departmental meetings over several days instead of having everyone in the company show up at once.

Consider the Amenities You Need – and Those You Don’t

When researching meeting rooms, list the essentials you must have versus the wants before you start vetting facilities. You want nice chairs but must have sufficient seating for everyone. You want the ability to cater the event without having to go through a third party. You need the right equipment to make your presentation. You want an executive chair and table to impress clients. Be certain that your needs are met before you start weeding out potential locations because they don’t have the extras you want.


Sometimes, we need to rent a meeting space with more than just a large conference table and chairs. You may want to book a facility with affordable hotel room rates so your team can spend the night as part of a team-building exercise. Or, perhaps you need to rent a room for use for product demonstrations in addition to more private meeting rooms.


Choosing the right meeting room can make all the difference in a business setting. Make sure that you follow the tips outlined in this article if you want to pick the right conference room for your needs.

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