Do you live with a constant fear of being fired? Perhaps it’s time you move to another country.

Seems a bit drastic? It can be worth it and help you manage stress levels. If you’re under constant strain, you’ll appreciate how certain countries’ unique employment laws influence the work environment. And yes, some of these laws are beneficial to the workers specifically.

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In Portugal, your employer can’t fire you. Why? Because when employment laws were drafted no-one added a termination period. This means—technically—you don’t ever have to leave your post.

Of course, if your boss offers a beneficial severance package you’ll feel more inclined to leave. The unique laws tip the employment situation in your favour. Now that’s what I call an excellent working environment!

What about moving to India? You’ll never be fired by large corporations unless the government gives them permission to. Few employers will go to all that trouble unless it’s really necessary.

Unfortunately, not all countries’ laws are as favourable to the workers.

Do you take current employment laws for granted? The ones that protect you now may not exist elsewhere.

In New Zealand, you can lose income simply by wearing the wrong hat to work. American employment laws don’t mention bathroom breaks at all. This means your employer isn’t obligated to allow you any. Will you cope with these situations?

In Saudi-Arabia, no men are allowed to work in women’s only stores. If you love designing or selling women’s clothing, will this law benefit or inhibit your career?

This is why we put together this helpful infographic by Legacy Citizenship. You can see which countries align with your personal preferences. Don’t end up in a country that limits your dreams.

Use these tips to make wise decisions and land the perfect job in future. Which country suits you best?

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