Managing a team is both challenging and rewarding. One of the lest favorite things about it, however, is performance management. When management and their teams aren’t on the same page about how and how often feedback should be offered, productivity cannot reach its peak potential.

Setting up a successful performance management strategy can be a challenge with changing trends and differing employee needs ahead of you. To help team managers with this process, Quantum Workplace — creators of an employee feedback platform designed to make work better each day — created the infographic below to help employers better their performance management strategy.

Here are some key stats from the infographic:

  • 22.7% of managers discuss performance with employees “whenever they feel it is necessary”.
  • 49% of employees prefer to discuss their performance on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • 60.7% of employees believe their performance is more likely to improve if they discuss it more frequently than once a year.
  • 81.6% of managers believe employee performance will improve if they meet more than once a year.
  • 55.8% of managers want more feedback from their peers, compared to only 41.6% of employees.

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Image Credit: Quantum Workplace

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