There is always a lot of talk around creativity and the value it adds to a company. Thinking outside of the box, pushing the boundaries, brainstorming new ideas. Without creativity there would be no innovation and without innovation there would be no moving forward.

While its value is indisputable, inspiring creativity in a team or workplace can be incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, the notion has been popularized that being creative is an either or situation: either you are creative or you are not. Just because you are right or left brained, does not mean you can’t add value through creativity.

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One of the best tools for encouraging creativity are TED talks (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design). The popular media company strives to inspire and spread ideas that ignite change and innovation. TED talks have been viewed millions of times across the globe. Lecturers range from artists to icons, from models to engineers, and the topics they explore are equally as diverse.

Many are short in length, hovering around the 10 to 15 minute mark. They can be listened to on the commute or during a quiet moment in the office. These talks will get you motivated to work harder and more passionately after listening to the amazing accomplishments from an array of speakers.

Whether for a team of artists or data scientists, TED talks are sure to help get creative juices flowing and help bring ideas to life. Given the huge number of talks out there, Invaluable compiled a list of TED talks particularly geared toward sparking new ideas to help get you started.

Scroll through and read quick summaries and quotes for 15 popular talks. To make viewing the videos easier, scroll below the infographic to find a list of hyperlinks.

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Now that you and your team are ready to take on the world or at least share a good idea, tell us which talk you chose and why you enjoyed it. Share with your friends and followers to continue to spread innovation and creativity.

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