4 Ideas For Rewarding Your Employees

Good employees are hard to find; that’s why you want to secure ways to keep your superstars happy and engaged on the job. It’s worth your time and energy to come up with options that make your staff feel appreciated and causes them to express the opinion that they truly enjoy being at work. After all, they are valuable, and without them your company would not be the success it is today. Look after them, and they will look after you.

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Put yourself in their shoes and imagine that you’ve been working hard at the office and know you deserve some recognition; then, imagine how you’d feel if your efforts had been forgotten or, even worse, ignored. Consider all that you’d want to be offered to you and incentives that would make you feel special and like a valued employee. See four ideas for rewarding your employees.

A Raise

Compensation should always be in the mix, especially if someone is going above and beyond of their duties. Money is a good motivator and will likely be enough to get an employee you adore to stay. Be fair, open and honest about the reward and why they’re receiving it; a pay rise can be the initiative that spurs them on to do even greater things in life. Make sure you create a budget that includes extra compensation for times like this. It’s not always about the money, but there are times at work when it is.

Event Tickets

Whether it’s one employee or a group of staff, use event tickets as leverage to get them to work hard and produce excellent work. This works because it’s exciting and a way for them to see their favorite stars without having to fork over the money themselves. Go online and click here to scope out concerts, sports and theater shows in your area. An outing is a great idea because it’s fun and gets everyone out of the office in a new atmosphere. Your employees will feel important and appreciate not having to spend their own money on such a great type of event.

Half Day Off of Work

Time off of work is always a popular reward with staff. You’re giving them time back in their week and personal life. Remind them that as long as they get their work done and aren’t falling behind, that they can take time off of work for an afternoon without using any paid time off days. You may find that this extra time away from work actually refreshes your staff and that they come back on Monday morning ready to work hard.

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Flexi-time is an important perk many employers are having to consider. Millennials don’t want to be chained to their offices from 9 to 5, and by offering flexi-time, you’re making your company look a whole lot more desirable.

Treat them to A Meal

Gather whoever you feel is going above and beyond and take them out to lunch or dinner as a reward. Food is always an excellent way to entice employees to produce quality work, and it’s financially reasonable. It’s one less meal they have to prepare for themselves or pay for. It’s also a fun way to connect with others in the office and try a new restaurant in the area. Make it a monthly outing for whoever meets their goals and pick a different place to try each time.


Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box when brainstorming ideas for rewarding your staff. If you want them to raise the bar, then you have to do the same on your end. These are ideas for rewarding your employees.

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