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Regardless of the size of your organization, the workforce remains an important part that needs to be effectively analyzed and managed. Doing this bridges the gap between workforce expectations and workforce capabilities. With technological tools, tasks such as employee payroll, engagement, recruitment, and evaluation are performed effectively and efficiently by HR staff members. For instance, with technology, you can now upload a file with your resume for review and get instant feedback and advice concerning the same.

The global HR management software tools market is projected to hit the $9.2 billion mark by 2024. This number goes to show that more and more managers are using these tools to maximize their output while reducing their costs. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of substandard software, here are four interesting HR workforce tools you need to know about.

1. Impraise – Employee Engagement

There are numerous benefits associated with employee engagement, such as increased workforce productivity, profitability, and low employee turnover. In fact, companies with a high employee engagement rate are 21% more profitable than companies with low engagement rates. But only 15% of the total workforce is adequately engaged at work. However, Impraise is a management tool that redefines what employee engagement should be.

Impraise allows HR managers to effectively measure employee engagement seamlessly with the use of reputable surveys. But this is where it gets interesting. This software then helps you take action to help you improve your employee engagement in areas it might be lacking. Impraise also allows you to accelerate employee performance and development, courtesy of an intricate review system, scheduled one on ones, and most importantly, real-time feedback. Consider using this management software tools to keep a pulse on how well your employees are connected, engaged, involved, and valued.  

2. Jobvite – Recruitment

There are factors to consider when looking for effective recruiting management software such as onboarding features, connection, communication, and recruitment. Jobvite is a cloud-based HR recruitment tool suitable for both small and midsized companies. What makes this software interesting is the multiple features such as onboarding, engagement, referrals, hiring you to get when you purchase it. 

Most hiring managers will find the video feature calling particularly interesting. You can easily schedule an invite, an interview, and the entire hiring process via video. With the coronavirus pandemic limiting most organizations to working from home, this feature comes in handy then. 

Additionally, this software allows organizations to promote their values, traditions, and culture on a custom-tailored career website. This website is easily customizable on both computer PCs and mobile smartphones. Consider this HR management tool for recruitment functions. 

3. Paylocity – Payroll Tool

Payroll management isn’t particularly interesting, but this tool makes it refreshingly easy to do so. Paylocity is an all-in-one software that combines management and HR functions such as timekeeping, employee engagement, onboarding, and payroll. Technology is improving payroll systems by moving towards cloud-based systems. As a result, this software integrates this feature and allows users to sign up on a common online platform and payroll.

What makes this tool interesting is its high level of multi-functionality. Paylocity is a one-stop-shop for just about all things HR. From payroll to employee surveys to operational performances and paid-time-off requests, this management tool is worth considering. Besides, their security protocols and customer service will put your mind at ease. Paylocity is suitable for both small and large companies. Consider using this software for payroll and other simple functions of the HR. 

4. Trackstar – Performance Management

Performance and evaluation management software are tools designed to allow HR managers to accurately create objectives that are in line with the company’s short and long term goals and missions. Additionally, such software helps to improve employee engagement, which is a bonus for companies as discussed above.  Doing this allows you to stay ahead of your competition while reaching new levels of success. 

Trackstar is an easy to use performance management tool best known for its diverse functionality. Capable of running on both Windows and Mac operating systems, Trackstar allows you to achieve 360-degree feedback, performance evaluation, self-evaluation, employee engagement, goal setting, and tracking, and so much more. Consider using Trackstar for evaluation and performance management for both you and your staff. 

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