(Guest post by Anshuman Kukreti)


As you are brainstorming about increasing those sales figures or traffic on the social media pages of your company,  there are probably still numerous other things that stand at the top of your priority list. Amongst those, there is one that particularly stands out.

Yes, it’s the team you head. You might have the most efficient HR policies in place, but nothing stands more important than your employees and addressing their concerns forms a crucial part of your job role too.

Shared below are 5 of the most common employee grievances that might be getting viral in your department.

Lack of Transparency in Communication

Ask employees round the globe about their foremost concern in the workplace and clarity in communication will be a common domain you’ll be hearing about. For sure, this extends beyond the realm of professional life. The problem arises when your workers start searching for alternatives, instead of speaking to you forthright.

Poor communication will always serve as a hindrance to working with optimum efficacy, no matter what hack you introduce. However, the solution here lies in giving regular feedback, listening to each concern they raise and maintaining a robust social system to ensure efficient flow of information (both upward and downward).

Excessive Workload

Okay, I know the first thing that’s going to run across your mind. This is a problem every employee in any corporation would have.

Well, there’s a different shade to that as well. While this might crop up as a common employee grievance, there are times when crunching deadlines and squeezing extra work hours gets on to the nerves of your team members. It’s completely understandable that at times efforts need to shoot up and results need to go a notch higher, but have you considered the fatigue and inefficacy that comes along!.

What’s required of you is to get lean at instances and delegate work to avoid overburdening.

Working Conditions Going From Bad To Worse

Your employees’ motivation and self-confidence at work might also be affected by the working conditions you expose them too. An imperative thing to consider over here is that by work environment one doesn’t necessarily mean the physical conditions, but the social infrastructure in your company as well. Obviously, a safe and clean environment where every amenity is easily accessible lies indispensable for employee satisfaction, but the team support and an optimistic outlook towards the future growth stays important too.

Income and Other Entitlements

There’s not even a need to mention, as to why this stands as a prime employee concern.

Rightly said that no employee in the world is happy with his pay-package; still, you need to look into the same and ensure that things move forth on fair lines.

From going about an efficient increment and appraisal process, to having regular feedback from the team regarding perks and incentives, there’s so much you can do as the boss. Look into each grievance arising from qualifications for pay increase, equity in income for comparable work and cost of the benefit programs in your company.

Insufficient Growth Opportunities

Obviously, working all day and finding yourself under a ceiling over your career would demotivate any employee, much more than the case of getting concerned!

Every worker in your team looks forward to your role and getting close to the position sometime in the future. Yes, delayed gratification does have a role here, but barricades in an employee’s vision should never be the case. So, without further ado, get down with every employee and let them picture a successful future with the company. Tell them about the role and responsibilities that are going to come in the future, along with the approach needed for the same.

Grievances are endless to list. But, these are some common ones you need to work on. For employee satisfaction is all that’s required to achieve results, give a best shot at it!

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. He is presently working as a content writer for Naukrigulf.comReach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Image credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg under C.C.2.0