(Guest post by Anshuman Kukreti)

5 HR Policies That Will Push Employees For Better Results

In my last article, several ways to handle disgruntled employees were pondered over. The objective was same though, to help HR managers mold their organizational culture to be compatible with the workforce.

Recruiters around the world are seen witnessing a topsy-turvy ride when it comes to recruiting the ‘right’ candidate. Right from short listing skilled people to ensuring healthy HR practices amongst the workforce, seriously, the job of an HR manager is no child’s play. In such a stringent scenario, keeping your workforce motivated and at par to obtain the optimum level of performance requires certain extra efforts at your part.

Hence, mentioned below are 5 such hacks that will strengthen the HR foundation of your organization and push employees to achieve greater results.

1) Providing an Optimistic Environment To All Employees

Have you ever worked for a shrewd manager? Obviously, it must have reminded you of the evil boss you had before. The idea brings to life all those memories which sends shivers down the spine and push ourselves beneath the optimum performance level. It often gets difficult, for an employee to even imagine growth if they aren’t in good terms with their first-line supervisors. Right from regular appreciation events, to due appraisals and transparency in communication, things are rudimentary yet crucial to be kept in mind. This might be the only hack for you and the employees to stay motivated at work, as well.

Although, the idea sounds old-school, but results creep up in quite a conspicuous manner when this hack gets implemented.

2) Make Employee Feedback A Regular Thing

Just being acquainted with the fact that your boss and senior management are as much concerned about your personal growth and objectives, will make a worker feel better about his job. This might just be the push his performance needs at the hour. It can be clearly demonstrated from you taking regular feedbacks and suggestions from the workforce, hence emphasizing on the importance they hold.

It may be about workers describing their experiences with a project in the past, what aspects they think can be repeated and the ones they think need to be altered.  This will also let them discover their confines and the slack they need to reduce, to attain the desired targets.

3) Financial Policies Need to Be in Place

How timid your organization may be or mammoth a big corporation it may seem, financial policies need to stay aligned to the  company’s business goals.  If not everything, you need it for everything. Yes, money for sure counts as a significant factor for employees to stay motivated and keep working with the same efficacy. An employee demanding a hike might actually be unhappy with the way things work and his suggestions being ignored by the management.

Hence, keep all policies in line. Right from the appraisal method to all financial perks and bonuses, things should be clearly mentioned in the employment contract.

4) Start Considering Each Employee’s Life Condition

There might be anomalies running parallel to every general theory, but workers nearing the completion of their tenure are less dedicated towards the next promotion than those, who have just entered the job market. On the other hand, young professionals might be less patient for a change to happen than the senior ones.

All you need, is to differ your approach according to each employee. Every worker will have his own perspective towards work, respect it and align your norms with enough space for misfits.

5) The Right Evaluation Drill

A continuous evaluation and an ever-lasting improvement is what that drives employees to achieve higher benchmarks in companies all across the globe. Be it measuring attitude or morale, turnover or engagement level, the process should always be built on the foundation of rudimentary basics.

A worker satisfaction survey should be organized every year. This should be initiated by interviews and surveys concerning the reasons, employees start taking an extra step towards their work. In addition to these, include flexible working hours and arrangements and start holding managers responsible for their respective departments are next few steps to follow.

The HR industry has always been about discovering abilities in human capital. Your job as an HR manager is to find the most appropriate ones. This assured, rest will fall in place and performance will be next to follow.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. He is presently working as a content writer for Naukrigulf.comReach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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