Everyone has heard that companies organize team building experiences for their employees. These are business events away from the office where all the employees in a company can relax, have fun, and enjoy spending time with one another in an informal environment.

While having fun with your colleagues might seem like enough of a reason to organize team buildings, CEOs and entrepreneurs need more tangible justifications to make this investment. This is why we put together a list of the top 6 reasons why corporates should focus on team building events.

#1 Make room for communication

The main reason HR specialists recommend team buildings to corporations and IMOs worldwide is that they foster communication. If your business has employees that work remotely or in different offices, bringing them all together is the perfect way to help them get to know each other better. This is especially vital when you make a large number of new hires in order to help them integrate into the team. CEOs and managers can also use team buildings as an opportunity to make their employees feel appreciated. This can be achieved by booking luxury transportation services to make their ride to the venue a memorable experience.

In a team building setting, you will have multiple events where employees can mingle and learn things about each other. Make sure to have a healthy mix of organized games and leisure time so that people have time to breathe and talk about their experiences. Another good tip is to pair up people from different departments and past experiences to get the conversation going and create mutual understanding.

#2 Improve teamwork

One of the main outcomes you will see from employee communication is better teamwork in the future. Putting together informal games and competitions where individuals have to collaborate will help them navigate tasks in the workplace. All while having fun.

Team buildings encourage problem solving and strategizing, encouraging people to find their natural place in the team without the pressure of a deadline. The trust built through these events will transfer into the office, making employees more willing to ask for help when needed. Encourage managers to participate in the games you are organizing too so that employees get more comfortable with their superiors. As a result of team building, employees will have improved communication, encouraged creativity and an increased collaboration because they will be “pulling” towards the same goal.

#3 Discover new skills

Through carefully thought-out competitions and teamwork activities, you will most likely discover new sides of your employees that you did not know about. For instance, you might notice that a new intern is great at seeing the bigger picture and proposing unique solutions. Another example can be a quiet colleague that surprisingly thrives in a leadership position.

You can leverage the soft skills of your employees by encouraging them to show more of their strengths in the workplace. You can ask the intern their opinion directly in meetings or propose a leadership program for the employee that surprised you with their charisma and decisiveness.

#4 Encourage creativity and innovation

When people get more comfortable with each other, they will surely start discussing their ideas more confidently. Lower-grade employees often have ideas with great potential, but they are too intimidated to come forward. Making a personal connection with a superior or even a more confident colleague can quite literally change the trajectory of a work project.

The connection your employees make will not disappear after the team building. Colleagues that get along will take breaks or eat lunch together, which will likely result in constructive conversation about work. Even if a new business idea is a diamond in the rough, other employees can build on it and create a truly innovative direction for your company.

#5 Strengthen company culture

A key element that many Forbes 500 companies have in common is implementing clear and authentic values, goals, and attributes that all employees relate to. However, just talking about them is not enough. Actions speak louder than words. This is why you can use team building events to reinforce values and attitudes that are encouraged in the workplace, such as mutual respect, growth mindset, trust, and integrity. Team events are great employee engagement activities, helping to boost productivity as well as job satisfaction. 

A great idea to take into consideration is to set aside some time to discuss company culture and mutual goals. Make room for discussion and let your employees talk about what is important to them as well. You might be surprised to find that you left out an important value that resonates with your team.

If your management considers this new attribute falls in line with the company’s trajectory, you can build on your set of values and improve company culture. Even if you do not make any changes, engaging your employees in the discussion will make them feel heard and appreciated.

#6 Retain employees

All of the positive results mentioned above can lead to one core benefit: employee retention. According to Investopedia, a new hire can end up costing around $3,500, taking into account both direct and indirect costs. This is much more than what you are investing per person in a team building event. Losing a talented employee with experience in your workplace can have costs of its own. Therefore, employee retention is one of the main goals of an efficient management team.

Team buildings and other informal events make employees feel appreciated for their work. Not only that but making friends in the office is much more important than many managers realize. Team buildings provide an optimal environment for communication, creating unexpected friendships. If your employees enjoy themselves at work, they will be less likely to leave your workplace even if a better salary offer comes across their desk.

Last thoughts

Team buildings are more than just a vacation for your employees. They are powerful management tools that create a more enjoyable work environment, from encouraging communication to enhancing company culture. Providing a fun and laid-back space for people to hang out will help increase motivation, employee engagement, and even resolve conflicts. Ultimately, investing in team building events will result in saving money and innovating your business in ways you did not expect.