Top Reasons Why You Should Link Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

Historically, most employers have conducted formal performance reviews on an annual basis. However, more frequent reviews give both parties a better opportunity to address concerns, answer questions and discuss ideas. Such meetings provide many benefits

5 Tips for Implementing HR Digital Transformation Successfully

Information technology has changed how we do just about everything. From online shopping and e-reservations to tele-health and e-government, we’ve become accustomed to having technology simplify and ease routine tasks. While technology has disrupted activities

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5 Tips for Millennials to Improve Professional Communication

Millennials who want increased workplace responsibilities must learn how to communicate professionally. Effective workplace communication can help young career professionals advance their careers and enjoy their job. Communication is an important skill, and it helps

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Capitalising On Millennials’ Loyalty As The Job-Hopping Trend Takes A Nosedive

Political and social upheaval around the globe is having a surprising effect on Millennials’ tendency to job-hop. Millennials have to date shown no faith in the concept of loyalty and flirted with a string of

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