With HR software, you can automate the tasks typically involved in running an organization. Most providers have apps for mobile devices that allow employees to access their HR tools from anywhere.

Best HR apps allow employees to manage their time and pay off through a variety of features, such as time and attendance tracking, employee information management, and online onboarding. Some also have to pay for mobile app development services, processing, and collaboration tools.

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1. Bamboo Human Resource App

If you are looking for HR software that will allow you to do just about everything through your mobile app, then look no further than BambooHR. It comes with a variety of built-in tools that can help employees manage their work.


  • It is ideal for small and medium-sized HR departments because it can handle the day-to-day tasks of managing employees.
  • It can automate certain processes so that the HR manager can concentrate on the strategic side of the business.

BambooHR is a great alternative to traditional HR software for small businesses. It integrates with over 50 systems and comes with various features such as time tracking and payroll. However, if you plan on using its add-on solutions, it will cost you more than other HR software.

2. Paychex Human Resource App

With Paychex, you can easily manage your HR and payroll on mobile devices. It is a top-rated app for iOS and Android. The Paychex Flex software is a robust and easy-to-use payroll system that allows you to pay employees and manage various benefits. It also comes with flexible plans that allow you to provide various learning opportunities for your staff.


  • This app service is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to outsource some of their HR and payroll tasks. 
  • It can help you comply with the laws and regulations in the US.

With Paychex, you can get help from a dedicated payroll specialist whenever you need it. This service is also available to new businesses that are interested in signing up for its higher tiers.

3. Rippling Human Resource App

With over 500 partner systems, including multiple HR and payroll tools, and a robust network of third-party applications, Rippling is a great choice for firms that are looking to improve their efficiency.


  • This app lets you access your apps and other software from the main dashboard of Rippling.
  • It allows you to log in to your business apps and share passwords with your team using its RPass feature.

Aside from managing company-issued computers and software, the HR management tools of Rippling allow businesses to automate various tasks and workflows, such as employee onboarding and healthcare.

4. Paycor Human Resource App

Paycor is a great software for both HR and payroll, and its mobile app for Android and iOS is also very good. It allows employees and employers to manage their time off and HR tasks.


  • Paycor mainly focuses on time and payroll tracking
  • It offers a variety of HR software that can help manage employee onboarding and other aspects of the business. 
  • Some tools include analytics, reporting, learning management, and benefits.

Unfortunately, Paycor is not a great choice for small businesses. Its starting monthly plan is more expensive than other HR software. You need a higher-tier plan if you want a full suite of features, such as payroll, HR management, and employee tracking.

5. Connecteam Human Resource App

You may have a good handle on your HR and payroll, but you are looking for a mobile app to help you manage your various tasks and activities more easily.


  • With Connecteam, you can easily automate your time and manage your employee communications.
  • Its higher plans are ideal for businesses that have multiple locations and operate independently of each other.

However, unlike Hr apps like Paychex, Paycor, and Rippling, Connecteam does not provide payroll processing.

6. Homebase Human Resource App

Scheduling software can help you keep track of all of your employees’ shifts and provide them with the necessary tools to manage their schedules. 


  • Homebase allows you to set and track time, as well as allow them to request shifts.
  • The payment solution can be used by restaurant and retail businesses, as it integrates with various POS systems. 
  • It comes with a mobile app that’s easy to use.

Unlike other providers, such as Paycor and Rippling, Homebase’s time and scheduling features are standard tools in its mobile app. Employees can also view their pay slips and view their earned wages.

Wrapping Up 

Nowadays, access to human resource applications for mobile is easy. With so many apps available, we’ve provided you with the best apps to make some HR tasks effortless. So far, which is your favorite, or you might end up using soon? Let us know!