Your office is your second home, a place where you spend the most productive time of the day. Having a great office environment is beneficial to both the employer and the employees and every visionary leader makes every effort to ensure that their office has a productive environment. It’s become widely accepted that a team is more than just a sum of its members’ experience, vision and brains – collaborative efforts have a synergistic effect that brings consistently better results than could be expected. If a team is working at its best, that is.  If, however,  a team is in low spirits, then no matter how talented and experienced its members are, it is very never going to achieve its full potential. In this article we will take a look at some ways to improve the team spirit in your office. 

1. Smooth Communication Flow

To achieve high team morale, all the members of the team need to have – or at least consciously strive for – mutual understanding and comfortable communication. Your workplace can be a very high-pressure space, and the only way to achieve efficient results is to have a good communication mechanism where every member of the team can reach out to the other one. Encourage and appreciate communication among your team members to raise morale. 

2. Do Activities Together

A team needs to bond in order to achieve common goals and understand each other better. These can range from team games you can play at the office to several-day getaways with elaborate programs. You can create name tags using any good name tag maker in order to make the team members feel more comfortable with each other. Once your team members have done a few activities together, there is a much better chance that they can cooperate better. 

3. Appreciate and Encourage

Humans are social creatures and we value validation and praise and if you want to have a great working relationship between team members, you should develop the habit of appreciating someone’s positive action. If you introduce the practice of appreciation among your team members, they will work even better with more motivation. You don’t need to give everyone a raise or vacation to make them feel appreciated. Sometimes saying just a few appreciative words is enough. What are the important rules to follow in demonstrating appreciation to your employees? Be specific – it will show that you really are attentive to the work process. Be timely – praise success promptly. Recognition always pays off and leads to increased employee dedication.

4. Practice Problem-Solving Skills

Practicing problem solving can prove to be a very effective team spirit building activity. It is not only good for testing the problem-solving abilities of a team but it also nurtures creativity and problem-solving skills. All the successful teams have one thing in common; they brainstorm problem solving ideas. 

Here are a few important points on how your team can improve with effective problem-solving practices:

  • The right approach and attitude towards a problem
  • Asking the right questions and developing the right game plan
  • Having a open mind and accepting the realities of the matter
  • Being thoroughly analytical in finding the perfect solution.

A team with good problem-solving skills can never lose its morale because all the members know how to find the right solution at the right time. 

5. Be a Mentor

If you want a healthy workplace culture, you need to pay serious attention to mentoring your team members. Being a leader, you should guide your team members and always show them the path that they find difficult to master. All the hard and soft skills learned as a result of mentoring improve the morale of the team, and the team as a whole delivers much better results. Always know the areas that need mentoring and then direct your efforts at those areas. 


A team’s impact within any organization is determined by its dedication and morale. Cheering even the smallest accomplishments can have a very powerful impact on the morale of your team. The important thing to note here is the required consistency in your action to ensure smooth sailing. Once you develop the habit of mentoring your team members, you will not only nurture their lives but also see yourself advance as mentoring is a very rewarding activity. A team that has good morale and a ‘can do’ attitude can achieve every goal and deliver results in a much efficient manner.