What Role Does Mentoring Play In Employee Well-Being?

Our well-being is something that we most often overlook. We allow our environment to dictate what our day is going to look like and how we are going to feel. How we feel can change as our environment changes. How we manage that is something that we do have control over.

This morning, for example, we were dealing with some turmoil in a work environment that could have exploded into something far worse. My mentor took the time (more than he should have) to work with me to release that negative energy and come up with a strategy to “feel good” about the outcome that we arrived at. He took me through a process that brought to light some strategies to employ and to understand what those outcomes might be. Our action was to communicate effectively what we perceived the issues to be and then our outcome was a strategy to address each of those issues. The outcome was my exposure to facilitative mentoring.

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The steps that we went through improved my well-being and helped to create that “feel good” sensation that I needed. My productivity increased as well as my outlook on life in general. I realized that I did, in fact, have control over this, however, I had allowed it to control me. My well-being was now first and foremost for the rest of the day.

This also reminded me of a conversation that I had with a young person who was experiencing a deficit in her state of well-being. She had become somewhat discouraged as to where her life was and where it appeared to be going. We came together to discuss the challenges that she faced and how she might change things. We created regularly scheduled sessions where we would talk our way through various scenarios and together would better understand what the outcomes could be and how we could manage to the more positive outcomes. By asking the right questions to energize her critical thinking skills we were able to improve her sense of well-being and her state of “feel good” about all that was happening. We regularly touch base albeit for a couple minutes each day to share kind thoughts for the daily challenges that wait on the road ahead. This approach which leverages the “gift of mentoring” helps her overall wellbeing, increases her productivity and engagement in the workplace. It has a ripple effect on her personal life as well.

Mentoring does, in fact, play a huge role in our sense of well-being and does help us create that “feel good” about all that surrounds us. When you are struggling and wondering which path you should follow turn to your mentor for guidance. I turned to my mentor and the outcome was phenomenal.

It is time for you to reach out and embrace “The Gift of Mentoring!”

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