The human resources department is often responsible for finding ways to boost a company’s productivity levels each day, as well as increase employee morale. After all, the workplace atmosphere, business tools, and working schedules can determine employee morale and, in turn, the business output.

If you want to help a company to grow throughout the years, while improving staff members’ working lives, find out how your HR department can boost employee productivity.

A Better Work-Life Balance

As it’s believed more than four million people regularly work from home in the UK, companies can no longer expect their staff to be satisfied with strict working hours. If you want to boost morale and productivity, a flexible schedule could be an ideal solution, as it could help an employee to enjoy a greater work-life balance.

By doing so, you can boost their passion and motivation for the company, which can lead to greater productivity levels and smaller employee turnover. For this reason, HR should encourage staff to enjoy a more flexible schedule, so they can concentrate on a task or project at a time when they are most productive.

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The Best Tools for The Trade

If your employees do not have access to the right tools for a job, it can slow down productivity and dent morale. It is essential to regularly take inventory of the items they will need each day. For example, white-collared offices will often depend on:

  • A strong internet connection (Shop around for the best providers)
  • Reliable computers
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • HP ink cartridges (visit Cartridge People for the best options)

Talk to each department to identify their wants and needs to power a smooth, efficient, and productive business.

Provide Ample Lighting

Poor lighting cannot only drain any atmosphere out of a room, but it can also make it difficult for employees to complete many tasks on their growing to-do lists. For example, they might strain their eyes when reading, which can lead to headaches, drowsiness, vision problems, or a lack of motivation.

For this reason, you must aim to welcome as much natural sunlight into the workplace as possible. It might also help to layer lighting using overhead lighting, desk lamps, and wall lights.

Introduce a Reward System

Rather than rewarding members of staff based on their time served at a company, remunerate employees based on their personal performance. If an employee has landed an important client, completed a difficult project on schedule without error, or provided continual support and encouragement to their colleagues, reward them for their efforts with a monetary bonus, extra days holiday, or a thoughtful gift. As a result, your team will feel motivated to work harder than ever before, as they will know they will be rewarded for going the extra mile for the business.

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Promote Healthy Eating

Many employees can experience a sugar crash in the middle of an afternoon, as they might have consumed bread, pasta, junk food, or fizzy drinks on their lunch break. As the foods cause the quick release of glucose, it can lead to a troublesome mid-day slump that can reduce productivity levels and make people long for the end of the working day.

For this reason, you should encourage all members of staff to make healthier food choices, which should feature a source of fiber and energy, while releasing glucose at a slower rate to boost their energy levels.

For example, recommend your team consume:

You also should encourage them to swap a bag of crisp or a sugar-filled chocolate bar for fresh fruit, nuts or seeds, which you could potentially provide for free. Provide fruit for your workers so that they choose to snack on healthy produce over junk food.