7 Apps That Can Enhance Your Workplace Happiness

Several companies looking for enhanced profitability and employee retention are targeting workplace wellness. This is because improved wellness of employees directly impacts their productivity and efficiency. Working for long hours at a stretch could be tiring. Our brain needs to take a break every few hours for it to be able to focus properly. What do employees do when they’re overworked in office? They could go out for a quick chinese meal with their colleagues or take a walk in the office verandah. A better option for them would be to alter their working style such that it ensures workplace happiness.

We live in a world full of technology. Regardless of whether or not your workplace has a fitness area or activity room, you can increase the employee satisfaction levels of your workforce through apps. Difficult to believe, isn’t it? This blog tells you of 7 such apps that could prove to be instrumental in enhancing your workplace happiness.

1. Any.do

This is an organization app that acts as a convenient replacement to sticky notes, calendar and to-do-lists. This wonder app automatically syncs events and tasks across devices. It can be integrated with commonly used workplace platforms like Gmail and DropBox. Any.do makes your life at work easier by not letting you miss even the minutest details of a task assigned to you. Whether it’s updating your colleague on the outcome of a meeting or reminding you to finish a pending chore, this app does it all. It is available for Android as well as iOS users. It comes with both: a free and paid version.

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2. Evernote Scannable

Office life revolves around paperwork. While it may be difficult for you to eliminate paper completely from your workstation, this app helps a great deal in reducing the paper load as much as possible. Evernote Scannable turns your smartphone into a scanner so that you can keep soft copies of documents instead of creating stacks of photocopies. You can use the app to capture clear images of important documents, notes, receipts and business cards. The app gives you good quality and perfect-sized PDF or JPEG files which you can later send through email or text, if need be. You could even simply store the files in your Evernote account.

3. Digit

Use this app to manage your finances. Connect it with your bank account and let it analyze your income, bills and spending patterns. Based on this analysis, the app will calculate how much money you can spare for daily expenditures. It will also use this analysis to push money in the range of $2 to $17 to your savings account. If in any way, the calculation done by Digit leads your account into overdraft, the resulting fees shall be covered. Balances upto $250,000 are FDIC-insured. You can easily obtain the money that you have saved at any point of time by messaging the service.

4. Keas

People, who work, often find no time for health management. Keas is an app for enterprises and aims at employee health management. It helps employees set custom fitness goals and objectives. It then tracks their daily activity to note progress. Keas also helps in improving mental wellness through its quizzes and mind-stimulating games. The best part about this app is that it lets employees talk to one another about health and fitness regimes, in and out of the workplace. Employees are free to share photos, healthy recipes, exercise schedules and much more through this app.

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5. Elevate

This app is meant for all those employees who are looking for more than just physical fitness. Being well mentally is one of the key facets of enhanced productivity in organizations. The brain needs to work out as well, just like the body. While all employees are well-equipped with certain skill sets, scope for improvement always exists. Elevate is primarily a “cognitive training app”. It has more than 35 activities that help improve name recall, pronunciation, focus and comprehension. You get to learn all of this and much more through games and quizzes. This app makes learning fun.

6. Meditation Studio

Work life can be hectic and stressful. There could be times when you could have to work for hours at a stretch without having the time to bother about taking meals or getting adequate sleep. All of this could mount up to stress. Research shows that meditation helps in reducing stress and improving concentration levels. Meditation studio is an app that offers greater than 200 guided meditation techniques. It features 27 renowned meditation experts who help you de-stress after work and sleep better. This in turn helps in boosting your confidence and keeping your spirits high, even in the hardest of all times.

7. Endomondo

Most employees having desk-jobs stay seated for about 10 hours a day. Endomondo helps you stay more active by tracking workouts and providing regular audio feedback. It also offers extensive guidance on how to attain your fitness goals. It lets you connect with friends to boost your confidence and keep you motivated.

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