Every day at work requires a huge amount of communication. We communicate internally with our colleagues and team members; we communicate externally with clients, leads and suppliers and so on, it’s a constant process. There is no doubt about it though, all this communication requires time and so anything that can help this become more efficient should be welcomed.

Modern communication tools are changing the way we work; no longer do staff all need to be based in one single location. In today’s modern world, staff can work as a team but be located remotely all over the world and even at that they can live collaborate if they wish on one single document due to technology like cloud computing.

While the existence of apps that can aid communication is not news, there are many who still are not taking advantage of them and so don’t recognise the value and efficiency that they can bring to their work.

This infographic from Sheraton Athlone Hotel gives a useful insight into the many apps that are available which can make communication more efficient for all. It is segmented into different areas so that business people can pick and choose what they need to improve upon. Check it out below:

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