What Millennials Look for When Job Searching

If you’ve read one article about hiring and engaging with Millennials, you’ve read them all. Most focus on Millennials who are hyper-focused on changing the world, who value work-life balance above everything else, and on the more negative side, that Millennials can tend to lazy, uninspired.

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While some of this absolutely may be true, it’s never a good idea to have a singular view of a diverse group of individuals, who are motivated by different things. While some may be altruistic and not worry much about a paycheck, the next one is focused on climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible.

Rather than try to “figure out” what Millennials want, what they’re thinking or their core personality traits, we believe the real value in engaging authentically with this group of potential dynamic employees is the understand how they engage with the world around them, which includes your company!

One of the biggest eye openers for companies to realize is that more likely than not, a Millennial will have not only heard about your brand or company but will have engaged with it multiple times before they even consider applying for a job opportunity.

With the world literally at their fingertips, Millennials can easily connect and engage with your company with a quick few clicks. The question is, are you there when they’re looking?

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Some of the most innovative companies are leveraging this information to connect with Millennials on an even deeper level, creating special website landing pages, social campaigns and even record videos from current employees talking about what it’s like to work there. Brand awareness has shifted from a one-sided conversation where brands shout from the rooftops who and what they are, to a conversation, a relationship, with potential hires. While your customer-base not demand and expect this, Millennial hires definitely do.

This type of connection built before a recruitment or hiring process begins ends us being a win-win. Candidates are more likely to self-select and identify companies that look, feel and sound like a good cultural fit, and companies find themselves with more quality candidates from the start. 40 percent of Millennials say a brand’s market reputation is the biggest influence on their impression of a prospective employer.*

Consider the image you put out in the world about your company. What successes do you highlight? Do you put your employees first? What difference are you making for the world at large, or at the very least, for your clients? Does your company value youth, technology, and innovation?

This is where the “Millennials care about more than a paycheck” comes into play. Millennials want to be compensated and are seeking out competitive pay. However, they want to work for companies who have a purpose and invest in their employees.

According to a study done by the US Government Accountability Office, an estimated 3.6 million executive leaders will be eligible for retirement this year as younger professionals transition into leadership roles. This means connecting with Millennials is important more now than ever to ensure you attract top-quality candidates who seek your company out!

How can you start?

  1. Take a real and honest inventory of your current employer brand. How are you engaging with Millennials, if you are at all? How can you do better?
  2. Focus on telling the story of how you are making the world a better place or bettering the lives of your clients or customers.
  3. Consider creating campaigns and messages that speak directly to potential employees, specifically, Millennials. Make sure you are being genuine. If you try to be something you’re not, you’ll get found out instantly.
  4. Don’t stereotype Millennials. Remember, everyone is motivated by different factors for success. Offer competitive salaries, benefits and be a great place to work that fosters growth and development.

*MRINetwork 2017 Millennial Hiring Study

About the author

Joe O’Connor is the CEO and Founder of ViziRecruiter, a company that takes text-based job descriptions and transforms them into visual job posts that better engage candidates, strengthen employer branding and increase employee referrals.

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