It can be difficult to hire, especially for graduate candidates. This is how you find GenZ employees.

Organisations are limiting the way they hire new employees. This is because there are more “GenZ” workers who are entering the workforce. This age group is more likely to use the internet to complete their tasks, not only buying assignments online but finding work or internship opportunities.

benefits of hiring a student


Students are being recruited by HR departments across a variety of industries. What is the best way to hire students? Here are some suggestions for hiring students and graduates. 

The Job Description should attract Students

You can ensure more students apply for your positions by writing a description that is favorable to them. Flexible jobs that allow students to work anywhere are essential. This allows students to be more autonomous and allows them the freedom to choose work spaces that allow them to concentrate.

Do not check the grades

High-performing students are often considered by many HR departments. Are they capable of completing your job well? While most recruiters will look for students who have the highest academic performance at their schools, this should not be a requirement for your firm.

It is possible to find a student with average performance who can do the most for your company. This is in contrast to a top performer who puts everything they have into their studies.

Instead of hiring students, ask about their work experience, such as travel, holiday work, or internships. Also, inquire about any self-motivated projects that they’ve undertaken (such as creating apps, charity initiatives, or creating apps). These questions will help you determine if the student is self-motivated, has a good work ethic, and is able to manage time and resources.

Use global freelance platforms

Students are more likely to apply for freelance jobs. You can find the right candidate through a global platform such as Fiverr, Shortlist or Upwork. You’ll find students with the right experience at a rate you can afford.

You’ll be able to grow your workforce’s diversity and skills by working with students from all over the globe.

Communicate like a student

When contacting students during the hiring process use a method they are comfortable with, such as via text messaging or the recruitment platform. This will make your company more approachable and friendly.

It will also help you build long-lasting relationships with potential employees. Make your communication easy for potential students to understand.

Learn More About Students

Before you hire a student, it is important to verify their profiles. To get to know the student, check their social media profiles. This will let you see if they are able to communicate well, have a healthy lifestyle and if they have a good relationship online.

The benefits of hiring a student

As an HR professional, you might be wondering: What are the benefits of hiring a student over someone more experienced or skilled?

Below are a few:

  • Flexible

Because they are in learning mode, students tend to be more comfortable adapting to new environments. Fast learners allow you to monitor employee growth and help them adapt their workflow as needed. Students will also be eager to prove themselves and do their best, as long as they are doing the job that interests them. You can count on high-quality work being delivered.

  • Diversity

A GenZ cohort in your workplace can bring fresh perspectives, a new work ethic, and more knowledge to your company.

  • Understanding Technology

The rapid adoption of digital transformation in all aspects of business is not new. Older generations often don’t have the same level of tech skills and require more practice and training. GenZ ?–?, the generation that grew up with the internet ?–? will be able to use new technologies easily and require minimal training.

Attracting and Retaining Students Talent

It is clear that students have the potential to produce groundbreaking work if their skills, values, and experience are properly utilized. The HR department should not just focus on recruiting, but also on retaining employees. These are important aspects that must be addressed from the very beginning. It is important to have a solid process in place for both attracting and retaining talent. Here are some things you can do.

  • Create a career site. Create a careers website for your organization. It is essential to have a landing page that is specialized in your industry. This will help you attract the best talent and keep them engaged in digital technology.
  • Long-term relationships are the most important. Don’t limit your recruiting efforts to job openings. This is not a temporary job. Your student talent should be able to earn a steady income and have opportunities for growth once they are hired. They should also be regularly recognized for their efforts in order to increase their lifetime value.
  • Offer internships within your organization. Students will choose to work for a company that supports their learning and encourages them to continue their education. This is a great way to market your brand beyond the internship. If the student passes the internship successfully, it will be a huge asset for your company. Research shows that students are interested in internships to gain practical experience, for future employment or for advancement at other companies. Students are happier when they receive incentives at work.
  • Include job shadowing. This is a great way for students to get to know the company culture and find a job. Students can experience what it is like to work in specific jobs before they are officially accepted as interns. You can also host job shadowing weeks to help you assess whether or not the internship is mutually beneficial.
  • Support student organizations. Students deserve your support. This will make your company stand out from the rest and allow these talent pools to feel connected to your company and want to work for you. It will open doors for student organizations to have in-class presentations or participate in their activities.


It is difficult to hire students as a human resources department. These tips will help you to recruit and work with interns and students better.