Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage 7

If you are in a managerial role, then chances are you have had to deal with an array of different personality types, and this can create added complexities in the workplace. And while every person has within themselves traits that can prove useful, there are some that are more manageable than others.

Here are some of the easiest personality types to manage:

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


There are few personality types that embrace the work culture like that of a believer. Believers are well-known for their ability to rally other workers around them in support of the main goal. It is not hard to distinguish workers with this personality type, as they typically enjoy wearing corporate designated apparel and hanging photos of the recent workplace events.

The fact that believers so strongly back the company make them a personality type that is very easy to manage. In fact, their ability to spread enthusiasm to fellow colleagues can go a long way in creating a more positive workplace.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


As the name suggests, naturals have an ability to network effortlessly, and this can help build relationships with both clients and management. Naturals are particularly noted for their tendency to go with what feels right to them, so long as it holds true to their values. When combined with other employees that hold similar values, naturals can be very effective workers and will often carry others along with them.

The naturals tendency to work closely with others can make them more manageable than certain other personality types. If you are a manager, go out of your way to introduce yourself to a natural, as this can help foster a relationship, which, in turn, will be reciprocated when the situation necessitates.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage

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If there was a vote on the most changeable person in the office, the perceivers would take the cake. Perceivers are typically thought of as spontaneous individuals, however, this spontaneity does not usually get out of hand. And, in fact, it can actually make them more adaptable to situations of uncertainty.

Perceivers are one of the easiest personality types to manage because of their willingness to adapt when it is required. In addition, their uncanny ability to remain calm during times of change means that they will not take any rash actions without thoroughly considering their options.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


Everyone knows someone who is designated as having an introverted personality type. These people are usually soft-spoken and keep to themselves. This, however, does not mean that they are not paying attention. In fact, although they may not say much, introverts tend to be highly focused individuals, even though they may be labeled as loners.

This reserved personality type bodes well for managers, as introverts are not known for being disruptive, but instead, they will go with the flow of things, so long as they agree on the circumstances.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


When it comes to a thirst for additional knowledge, thinkers are the cream of the crop. Thinkers tend to revolve many of their habits around hard data and figures, and they require substantial evidence to be swayed to a different line of thinking. This can at times be problematic for managers if they cannot provide an adequate explanation for the decisions that they are making.

If the manager can prove to the thinker that there is sufficient reason behind their motives, whatever they may be, then not only will the thinker get onboard, they will become an advocate. This can be vital when trying to make personnel changes or wage cuts, as they can convince other workers that there are valid reasons for the changes.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


There is no doubt that the most supportive personality type you will find in the office will be the feelers. Feelers are known for their warm, welcoming demeanor, and their continual efforts in making others around them happy.

Feelers are the employees who bring in a cake when it is someone’s birthday or donuts in the morning for the entire office to enjoy. From a manager’s standpoint, feelers are very manageable because of their accommodating nature and their ability to be easily swayed.

Personality Types that are Effortless to Manage


The name says it all. A person with a soldier personality type is noted for their willingness to do their duty, no matter what the external circumstances are. Soldiers are not the most versatile of employees, often focusing on one facet of the job and excelling only in that area, but this quality also makes them dependable.

One of the foremost advantages of those with soldier personality types is that they are great at rallying coworkers around the ideologies of the company, and this can help to change those with negative attitudes. As a manager, it may take some additional effort to gain the soldiers trust, but once it is achieved they will be there for you through thick and thin.

Create a Productive Workforce

Make no mistake, each personality type creates its own obstacles that need to be overcome as a manager. However, it is vital to keep in mind that creating a workplace with employees that are easy to manage will make things run much smoother.

When you are considering candidates try to choose those that have personality types that are conducive to the work environment, such as believers and feelers. These staff members will be of assistance through any changes and can help coworkers to keep a positive outlook.

In addition, thinkers and soldiers can be easy to manage once the natural barriers have been broken down, and they buy into the mission of the company. If you are looking for personality types that are easiest to manage, keep these mentions in mind, and you are sure to create a productive workforce.

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