create opportunities

Once you have spent weeks headhunting for staff, you want to keep hold of them. Long-standing employees are great for business. Not only are they great at their jobs but they are also invested in the business, which gives them the incentive to work hard. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep hold of employees. Increasingly, it is becoming more common for people to hop between jobs. Here is some advice for creating a happy, hard-working team with a low turnover rate.

Create opportunities

Employees need to feel that they have room for progression and a future within the business, if not they will look for this somewhere else. This is especially true for young people. Clear development and mentorship will make them want to work hard and put the time in to get where they want to go.

Offer benefits

From common benefits such as health benefits and retirement funds to quirky benefits such as massage vouchers and ‘ride your bike to work’ schemes are always desirable. Benefits are key components to keeping staff happy. Other important benefits include sick pay, generous holiday allowance, paternity and maternity leave, as well as flexible work hours. Perhaps you can offer the opportunity for people to work from home occasionally. This will help to avoid burnout. Good benefits will make people want to stay at your company. For some, this is more important to them than their wage, especially when it comes to pensions.

Open communication

If employees feel that they are a part of how the business is moving forward and like where it is going, they are more likely to stay. Allow opportunities for your staff to have input on your ideas for the business and collaborate with you. Build transparency and trust whilst you create opportunities for people to share their feedback with you. Furthermore, listen to what they have to say and try and take it on board. Your workers should feel you value them and their opinions.

Allow for individual projects

Allow people to share their ideas with you and give them opportunities to use their individual skills and talents within the company. Allow them plenty of independence within their work. When people are proud of what they are doing and are receiving positive feedback then they are more likely to stay.

Work environment

A good work environment is key to retaining employees. Including a well-equipped office with plenty of natural light, comfy chairs, communal workspace, a space to have a break and socialize and a full purpose kitchen. Another factor that should be considered when creating a work environment is making people feel included and celebrating diversity. You may want to organize regular activities to encourage staff to socialize. This doesn’t have to cost money. One example could be a shared lunch once a month where everyone brings in a dish.

Value your employees

A simple thank you can go a long way. Be sure that your employees feel valued and that you reward them. Another aspect of this is ensuring that people take their breaks. Don’t take advantage of someone’s hard-working nature. Encourage people to get out on their lunch breaks and don’t pull them out if someone calls for them or you need to ask them something.

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