Four Experts You Need To Outsource For Your Start-Up

Startups rarely have a huge bank roll, and often can’t afford to pay full-time employees until the clients, contracts and income are stable enough. As a result, many of them turn to freelancers to ensure their new business is viable, and that those skill gaps currently lacking in your business are filled.

Getting these decisions right the first time around about who you hire though, will be vital to your success; it’s important to know the key business areas that will be the most impactful when executed well, so you know where you should be investing your money. No matter what industry your company operates within, here are the top four experts you should think about outsourcing to:

1. Graphic and web designers

If you decide to hire a web designer, you’ll probably end up developing quite a strong business relationship with them once you realise just how much work there is for them to do. To begin with, you’ll probably focus on building a functional and stylish website, loaded with cool graphics and something to really capture your audience. Unless you’re a whizz at graphic design as well as coding, this is well worth the investment.

Your website will stay there for years to come, and how many contracts and new clients will you win as a result? Choose your designers carefully, making sure they’re in-tune with your thoughts and ideas. Then, you can return to them in the future for everything from business cards and marketing collateral to product brochures.

2. Copywriters and editors

There’s no point having all those beautifully designed web pages and case study documents put together when there’s no resident wordsmith to craft the content for them. The words used are just as important as the design, and when it comes to websites, you’re looking for clear, concise content that connects with the reader.

You also want a copywriter who understands your tone of voice and can provide a variety of content for you, but this skill-level won’t come cheap. Again, think of it as an investment, as these pieces of content will be used again and again over the years, yet you’ve only paid for them once.

3. Couriers and delivery companies

Have you thought about how your products are delivered? Have you thought about how much time, money and resource are wasted by incompetent drivers who shuffle your pallets of stock from warehouse to warehouse without a care for their contents?

Every area of your startup needs to be professional, so before you can afford your own fleet of vans, consider outsourcing to couriers. It doesn’t have to break the bank either; Pallet Anywhere operates within the UK and Ireland, and offers very low prices on pallet delivery compared to many competitors on the market.

4. Accountants

Far too many entrepreneurs take on the task of being their own accountant, and it’s always a bad idea. Firstly, company tax law is an increasingly complex field; hiring a professional to take care of this for you will not only save a huge amount of time, resource and stress, but also a whole host of financial problems should your DIY tax forms be sent back with a multitude of errors, which could then take a lot longer to rectify.

Secondly, by hiring an accountant that has specialist experience in working with companies in your field, they’ll be able to give you tailored advice. They’ll keep you up to date with what trends other businesses are following, new laws that could affect you and advise you accordingly.

Who did you outsource in your business?

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