Five Interesting Facts About Google's New Job Board

In May, Google announced it was entering the hiring game by launching Google Jobs.  

The Google job board appears whenever someone enters a search query in Google that is clearly job related.  For example, if you search “jobs near me” or “retail jobs,” Google Jobs will display in the search results. 

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Unlike a traditional job board, Google Jobs has several interesting features that make it a bit different and are important to understand if you’re in the hiring space.  

#1 Any Company Can Get Their Jobs on Google Jobs

There are currently two ways to get a job listed on Google Jobs.  First, you can post your job to one of Google’s job board partners including Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Proven, and more.  These companies have partnered with Google and will automatically send your job to their board when you post.  

However, you’re not just limited to using a third party job site!  If you post your jobs on your company website, you can also get them on Google Jobs for no fee.  

You’ll simply need to have your web developer ensure that Google is able to read your job ads.  Once it can, everytime you post a job on your website, Google will pull it and put it on their job board automatically!

#2 Optimizing Postings Will Be Important

Although we don’t fully understand how Google will rank different job posts and choose which ones to display, it is clear that similarly to traditional search, optimizing postings to be Google friendly will matter.

Google has provided some general guidelines which show that the algorithm values factors like completeness, relevance, and more.  

Until we know exactly what can help your job post stand out, it’s a good idea to follow general job posting best practices.

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#3 Google Jobs Pulls In Reviews

If your company has bad reviews on sites like Glassdoor or Indeed, your jobs might not perform well on Google Jobs.

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This is because Google Jobs pulls in reviews of a company from third party sites and displays them alongside the job description to give applicants an idea of what it’s like to work for the company.

To ensure your reviews are positive, encourage happy employees and past employees to leave reviews of your company on these sites.  

Five Interesting Facts About Google's New Job Board

#4 Logos Matter

Many companies post jobs without a logo attached.

On Googl, this will do them a disservice.  That is because Google Jobs prominently displays the company logo along with each description.

Therefore, if you have a great logo and your competitors don’t, applicants are much more likely to click on and apply to your ad instead.

If you’re going to post your job to Google Jobs, take a few minutes to upload a great logo since it will pay dividends with the amount of applicants you can attract.  

#5 No Career Fairs

Many hiring managers like to organize career fairs and in order to attract applicants, they post to job boards.

Unfortunately, Google Jobs does not currently allow job postings for career fairs.  

As a result, hiring managers will need to create a job ad that hires for specific positions rather than inviting applicants to catch all hiring fairs.


In conclusion, Google Jobs hasn’t been out for a long time and we’ve yet to see how it will fully impact the hiring space.  However, it already represents a seismic shift for applicants and companies who find jobs and applicants respectively through search.  

Because Google Job Search appears above traditional sites like Indeed, Craigslist, etc. in search results, it’s likely that many of their normal applicants will apply through Google Jobs instead.  

If you’re a business however, Google Jobs is a great change to the hiring landscape.  The job board you already post to will probably put it on Google Jobs for free or you can have your developer set your site up so that everytime you post a job, it can appear at the top of the search results.  

If you have any thoughts, concerns or ideas about Google Jobs, let us know in the comments below!

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Article by Will Zimmerman