The ability to screen candidates accurately is one of the most crucial aspects of recruitment. Unfortunately, many companies today still get it wrong by sticking with traditional and flawed screening methods. However, this does not have to be the case. Online assessment tools make it easy to understand any candidate’s competency and skill level, allowing you to quickly determine if they will be a perfect match for your company.

What is Pre-Employment Assessment Software?

Online assessment platform for hiring generally refers to any solution that can help evaluate potential employees based on their skill set. The core goal of these tools is to make it effortless to find a matching candidate for any open role that you may have within your organization.

Why Many Recruiters Use an Online Platform for Hiring Today?

For countless years, recruitment teams heavily relied on expensive consultants or in-house experts to judge whether a candidate was skillful enough for an organization. However, although this process continuously delivered excellent candidates, it was tremendously tedious. Skills change every day, and the expertise that many organizations were desperate for a decade ago has now fallen obsolete.

To keep up with these rapidly changing requirements, most recruiters had to hire new experts or enroll more consultants to assess potential candidates. Fortunately, online assessment platforms remove the need for this. With this tool in your arsenal, you can quickly judge a candidate’s hard or soft skills, making it easy to decide if they will be a good fit for a role.

online assessment platform for hiring
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What are the Features of an Online Assessment Platform for Hiring?

Remote Proctoring

The days of having all candidates pop by the office for an interview have slowly been dwindling since online assessment platforms burst onto the scene. This switch of interview styles is generally because these tools have a remote proctoring feature that makes it possible to test candidates from the comfort of their homes while ensuring that the process is secure.

In recent years, remote proctoring has become one of the most critical aspects of online assessment platforms, and we always recommend looking out for this before deciding on what tool you want to use. With this in your toolbox, you should be able to get the best candidates through the door while saving time and money. Most online assessment tools also have cheating prevention techniques, so you should never fret about the integrity of the process.

Workflow Management

The more a company grows, the more employees it needs to help various teams remain efficient. However, this increase in the demand for new faces often makes it more challenging for a recruiter to track the progress of each candidate. Today, it is not uncommon for traditional recruitment teams to miss out on top candidates because they accidentally skipped over a resume sitting on their desk or forgot to send out an email about the next interview stage.

This ability for a recruiter or hiring manager to make a slight mistake is one of the core reasons why improved workflow management has remained one of the best features of online assessment platforms. With this feature, your recruitment team can easily optimize and automate tasks, such as sending notifications to candidates and adding new job postings, which should help you to stay on top of the recruitment process.

Tracking and Monitoring Performance

It is always impossible to move forward without knowing where you currently stand. If you do not know how many hires you are losing out on, when candidates are leaving the recruitment process, and where you are getting the best candidates, you will always struggle to improve. Fortunately, any online assessment platform for hiring worth your salt will always include an analytics tab to help you monitor your performance as a recruiter.

Online Marketing

It can be tremendously challenging to create a job posting just for it to be sent to the bottom quarters of LinkedIn and have nobody make an application. While, in some cases, this lack of requests may be because of an unattractive offer, poor visibility may also play a tremendous role. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case.

Today, most tools include online marketing options for some of the most popular job channels, including LinkedIn and Google, allowing you to place your postings directly in the sight of candidates looking for them. With your listing flying high at the top of these networks, you should easily catch the eyes of prospects and boost your company headcount.  

Multiple Pre-Employment Testing Methods

It is common today for a company to have a wide range of testing types. As an illustration, most software companies today will assess a candidate’s technical, behavioral, and design skills before printing any offer letter. If you act as a hiring manager for a company with a range of assessment methods, you should always be on the lookout for this feature when shopping for an online testing platform for recruitment.

Ease of Use

One of the most crucial features of any online assessment tool is that all your team members find it easy to use. Remember, you will be managing a significant set with this software. So, the last thing anybody wants is not being able to figure out how to send an email about an interview to a candidate.

Before diving head-first into an assessment tool, we always suggest playing around with it for a few weeks first. This trial period will help you understand if the software will be the right fit for your team.

Take Your Recruitment Online

While you may find various online recruitment tools today, their core goal will always be to make your recruitment as straightforward as possible. With this tool at your side, your recruitment team should be free to acquire the best talent, save costs, and improve workflows.