5 HR Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Now

There are no easy answers when it comes to effective recruiting practices. The most successful methods combine awareness and authenticity to attract qualified candidates. At ViziRecruiter, we honed in on 5 top hr recruiting techniques that every organization will benefit from:

Market to Hire

The best talent is not hanging out on job boards. Employed, passive candidates need to be made aware of an opportunity that is more valuable than what they currently have. Passive candidate engagement happens on social networks, via email, text, and general branding of the company. If a person does not know your organization exists then there isn’t a reason to consider you for employment.

Start Mobile Recruiting

Both active and passive candidates use smartphones and tablets when researching companies or job openings. The convenience of searching opportunities on the go allows potential candidates to engage with organizations on their own schedules. Making sure your job posts are mobile optimized is an important element for branding and engagement.

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The mobile candidate experience should mirror the desktop and provide a best in class experience to encourage consideration for the position.

Improve the Candidate Experience

The first engagement that a candidate has with your organization is most often with the HR team. Ensuring a positive candidate experience leads to more employee referrals and a more positive reputation in the marketplace. Organizations like the Talent Board promote awareness of the impact candidate experience has on the organization through the creation of the CandE Awards. This competition allows companies to evaluate and enhance the experience they provide. Additionally, participating companies gain access to benchmarks in their industry.

Social Media Recruiting

Encouraging employee sharing of job posts through social media is an important method for talent attraction. Providing an easy process for employees to become aware of open positions will increase the likelihood they will share these job posts with their own networks.

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Take it one step further by using a turnkey product like ViziRecruiter to make sure your job postings are visually engaging. Vizis display beautifully across social networks with rich media that describe the position and the corporate DNA of the organization.

Pay Attention to your Employer Brand

Organization reputation directly impacts employee consideration to work at your company. Social sites like Glassdoorpromote real feedback and ratings about experiences in the organization. This content is free and viewable by anyone on the Internet. A tool like Google Alerts notifies you when new content is posted about your organization anywhere on the web. If you choose to respond to comments or reviews, always use an authentic voice in a timely manner. Remember, your response will be seen by anyone on the web, including current employees and potential talent!

About the author

Joe O’Connor is the CEO and Founder of ViziRecruiter, a company that takes text-based job descriptions and transforms them into visual job posts that better engage candidates, strengthen employer branding and increase employee referrals.

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