3 Ways to Raise Employee Morale with Effective HR Management

Regardless of which industry or region your company does business in, there’s always benefit to be had from raising employee morale and increasing the overall happiness of your workforce. Studies have repeatedly proven that happy employees are more productive and display better problem solving skills than those who are stressed or disappointed with their job positions. In fact, there have been cases where entire companies went from operating at a loss to experiencing exponential growth after making powerful changes in the human resources department.

Practicing efficient and ethical HR management will result in a more capable and proud workforce, which of course will contribute to a more positive brand image since the people working for you will actually have a genuine sense of brand advocacy. With that said, here are three ways you can raise employee morale with effective HR management:

1. Be Available in the Cloud

When employees can easily access assistance and communicate with their superiors, they’re able to not only perform their job more efficiently, it also gives them the impression that their services are valued as well as monitored and gauged on a routine basis. No employee likes being given the run around by a manager who acts like they don’t have the time to have a short chat. With a cloud-based HR platform (i.e. – xcdhr.com) you can ensure that employee support is always accessible via email, chat, video call, or voice call.

2. Reward Exceptional Performance

One of the best ways to raise employee morale is to recognize and reward improvements in performance or successfully met goals. This not only increases the satisfaction of your star performers, it also motivates other employees to enhance their own performance in an effort to compete. Incentives like bonuses and commissions can do a lot to let your employees know that you’re willing to take care the workers who put in the most effort. If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to rewards employees, check out this list.

3. Be a Positive Speaker

There are three main types of management approaches when it comes to the tone you take with employees – neutral (doesn’t say or do much), negative (usually pointing out flaws and complaining about mishaps) and positive (recognising and highlighting good performance with a motivational and inspirational personality). While it is good to aim for a balance between these three approaches and use them as appropriate, for the most part you should try to maintain a positive tone when addressing employees.

Listen to Suggestions and Complaints

Finally, aside from the things you can proactively do to be a better HR specialist when acting in a managerial role, you’ll also want to pay attention to the input and opinions of your employees.

Effective HR has a lot to do with gathering continuous feedback and making adjustments accordingly, so don’t make the changes too much about yourself – remember that transformation is initiated in a group-wide basis so it pays to keep this in mind.

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