Productivity is always a key concern in any business, large or small. From the front office to the production lines or sales floor, productivity is vital to a company’s success. In recent times, it has been established that there are a number of benefits to running an eco-friendly business, among which is a significant improvement in productivity. But, how does this work? In what ways does a temperate office contribute to increased productivity? The following information is based on observation, analytics and recognized studies.

1. Heightened Cognition

If you look at some of the key ways in which to make your office eco-friendly, the one element that is common to most lists would be the use of natural light whenever possible. Most offices are still retrofit with overhead fluorescent lights which have been proven time and again to be the ultimate cause of such things as headaches and eyestrain. It is that virtually undetected flickering that is the root cause of the problem, so many offices have begun remodeling their workspaces to let in as much natural sunlight as possible. This, alone, has a huge impact on cognition which is the way office staff perceives and processes information. With an improvement in cognition, productivity is increased exponentially. When it comes to being ‘eco-friendly,’ nothing is greener than natural light. Keep that in mind!

2. Improvement in Staff Morale

There is always something quite uplifting about office space that brings in an element or two of nature. Think, for just a moment, about how pretty those lovely green hanging vines you saw in your doctor’s office were, or how good it feels to breathe in fresh air after a long, cold winter shut in with every window and door closed tightly. These are both elements of an eco-friendly workplace and two that have a positive impact on staff morale. Fresh air brings with it lifegiving oxygen which simply helps you function better. This, in itself, boosts morale. Don’t you feel great when you’re at the top of your game? That’s what fresh air does for you; with increased brain and body function, you work better and feel better about yourself as a result.

3. Better Health

Did you know that the natural sunlight mentioned above is the body’s way of producing vitamin D? That sunlight is a trigger to the production of this vitamin and it is widely known that Vitamin D is vital to the body’s immune system. Some offices have set up an employee courtyard so that staff can take their breaks out in the open air. Not only does this give staff a place to build peer relationships, but it is also a wise move on the part of HR. That sunlight and fresh air can help the body build immunity and a healthy body reports to work with more regularity than one that is always coming down with the latest virus. In addition, keeping your blinds open during the day will help lower your heating and lighting bills, therefore contributing to an energy efficient workplace. Sunlight really is a great solution for lots of things! Check out for more tips on how to make your office eco-friendly.

4. Enhanced Customer Service

Taking all of the above into consideration, it is easy to see how an eco-friendly office would lend itself well to enhanced customer service. Employees feel better about themselves, are working at improved levels of efficiency and with increased morale, they are simply happier all around. Where do you think the expression, “sunny attitude” came from? It is quite difficult to maintain a sunny disposition if you are in a dark and dreary office eight or more hours a day. Bring in those eco-friendly elements and watch how customer relations improve!

5. Job Satisfaction

Again, taking all of the above into consideration, think about the job you were least satisfied with in your lifetime. If you work in dark, dreary surroundings with few windows and a general lack of fresh air, you are automatically depressed without knowing why exactly. Those flickering fluorescent lights above are giving you a pounding headache and the atmosphere is so stifling you can’t wait for the clock to chime 5pm. On the other hand, think of the jobs you’ve been happiest at. Those were probably the jobs where everyone had uplifted spirts and were happy to come to work each day. With improved staff morale, the bright light of the sun and a few natural elements from the outdoors, it is easy to be happy with your surroundings. That goes a very long way toward job satisfaction.

If you want to increase productivity in your office, isn’t it time to take a good, long look at the environment you are asking your staff to work in? Little by little, you can go green in your office and over time you should begin seeing a gradual increase in productivity. Happy, healthy employees do perform better than those who are stressed and dreary. That’s a fact you can take to the bank.