Having a job in HR management is not as easy as it looks. HR professionals need to manage and recruit from different departments, including marketing & sales, app development, accounting, to talent acquisition itself. For various tasks like screening of the candidates, hiring, joining, training, payment management, regulatory compliance, etc, jobs they have to manage on their own. And if the HR professionals are not efficient and skillful enough to drive businesses, their lives get hard. So to ease up the pressure that HR professionals take care of, SaaS or HRMS (Human Resources Management Software) comes into play.  

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and automation, HR processes are now very much comfortable. Softwares backed by AI will ensure keeping the sensitive data safe & secure. So you can check out this article about the 16 best tools for HRMS that can make this job less challenging for you.

the finest saas tools
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 1. Time Doctor: One of the best and leading SaaS tools available for HR process and management. This tool is used to track down the employee’s time and boost their productivity. Time Doctor allows HR professionals to sync all of their process CRM, screenshots, accounting software, and many more things to enhance the productivity of the employees and they can focus only on the prioritized things. The best thing about Time Doctor is that the software is available on various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. It also has some other important features like distraction alerts, offline time tracking, productivity measuring, and timesheet management. Thus, Time doctor is the most needed and helpful HR tool for 2022.

2.  Grove HR: If you want a tool that takes care of all your administrative processes then Grove HR is a solution that allows the recruiters to focus on making strategies based on decision making and lead employees to their career path. Grove HR is mainly designed to provide employee-centric career path management.

To speed up the recruitment process, this software allows to drag and drop potentially talented candidates through the pipeline and messages & offers sent out automatically. Job listing module, reduction in induction materials, string all employee information, attendance, performance tracking, etc. are also the vital features of this software.

3. Remote: It is a perfect choice If you are looking for a SaaS tool that can hire & manage international talent with ease. This is one of the best tools for HR managers that are capable of handling employees’ payroll, benefits, tax, local labor law and compliance issues, etc. Remote contractors or employees can get their payment in their local currencies according to labor law. 

HR professionals can rest assured about their data as Remote does not use any third parties to store their data so the data is safeguarded by Remote with GDPR and SOC 2 Compliant. So next time you wish to hire, manage or pay payments of overseas employees so do not forget to give a try to Remote. 

4. Referral Rock: Referral Rock is one of the finest SaaS tools available in the present market. This is the best tool for referral marketing for HR experts. It assists in creating a viral referral program by automating the task, aligning incentives, and converting successful recruitment processes and repetition of the process.

You can refer your friends or any influencers, run partner campaigns to promote your company by using Referral Rock. Also, word-of-mouth referrals can be tailored using Referral Rock according to the company’s needs. The referral program or campaigns will include all the things like the brand message of the company, motive, mission, incentive structure, etc. So you can relax and focus on the other prioritized areas.

5. RecruitCRM: It is one of the cloud-based recruiting software that helps medium and small businesses. RecruitCRM manages their recruitment operations, candidates, daily operations, contacts, clients, etc. Recruiters can access various other services like job openings, hiring status, application information, etc.

Features like a handy dashboard to track live activity, email integration, chrome extension job board posting, etc are brilliant features that HR professionals can use. Apart from this, recruiters can also use smartphone apps available in iOS or Android to track down all the personalized job websites, database fields, digital invoices, Boolean search, real-time reports, role-based access, real-time reports, team communication, and sales pipeline. 

6. TrackingTime: It is one of the finest SaaS tools when it comes to the efficiency of HR tools. TrackingTime is a tool that is a high-precision time tracking software for HR professionals that is very simple to use. Now the HR managers do not have to manually track down the performance of the teams across various projects. This AI-based tool makes things easy for HR professionals by allowing them to track work time precisely, analyze, manage & ensure productivity. The HR team can easily manage user rights and allocate work to a different team using TrackingTime. And the best thing is you can track all this from any device anytime without any hassle.

7. eWay-CRM: eWay-CRM is a SaaS tool that is a plugin of Microsoft Outlook’s CRM plugin specially built and designed for an HR professional. With the help of this tool, HR managers can manage all employees’ databases and contacts. It is a powerful and great product that allows you to import all the data of the employees by just drag and drop with a built-in prepopulated template in the eWay-CRM.

Other Important data, referrals, resources, timesheets managing employee leaves, etc. can also be done with the help of the eWay-CRM. HR professionals can also access this tool via mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

8. Sortlist: Sortlist is an online tool that helps HR professionals who are looking to get visible to potentially sound businesses. The main target of Sortlist is to assist the firms who are in search of the best agencies to complete their assigned task or services like IT-related solutions, sales-related solutions, marketing-related solutions, etc.

Sortlist is a well-renowned name in meeting the demands of the growing consumer’s need and having significant growth and improving the quality of the products. A lot of HR professionals are using Sortlist for their excellent assistance to get accurate agencies that meet the demands of the required work.

9. SalesBlink: SalesBlink is one of the finest SaaS tools which can assist you to increase your recruitment number and will be able to connect with talented and ideal individuals. SalesBlink is a Sales Outreach tool but it offers features to Hr professionals like Managing prospects, scheduling appointments, outreach programs, automatic successful dialogues, etc. According to the company’s HR professional’s needs. Salesblink allows you to create different crucial campaigns relevant to the company. This tool provides multiple outreach strategies to reach potentially strong clients through virtual plans like calling, emailing, and other meaningful activities. SalesBlink eases up the hectic task of the HR process and allows professionals to focus only on higher priority tasks that count.

10. TimeCamp: For HR professionals, it is very difficult to track the profitability of the ongoing projects, time taking to complete the project, or tracking the performance of the employees. TimeCamp is a brilliant SaaS tool for HR professionals to track time for all their project-related activities in real-time without leaving any area of error.

Accurate timesheets and reports allow you to have better control over the project’s performance and engagement with clients. Now you do not have to manually manage HR professionals’ timesheets and can save a lot of time and effort with the help of the TimeCramp tool.

11. Hupport: Hupport is a tool that HR professionals can use to schedule an appointment that automatically sends voice messages, SMS messages, and follow-up emails as well. It is specially tailored for HR managers and professionals who need to be updated with all the scheduled appointments they have. Hupport has simplified things by providing a simple and intuitive platform.

Candidates applying for a job can book their appointments easily with the help of Hupport’s mobile-friendly appointment page. If a candidate wishes to fix an interview for a major role in a company, then within a few clicks, the candidate can arrange an appointment. They will also get a reminder through mail and text messages prior to the interview.

12. Visme: It is one of the tools that you would love to use for creating stunning Presentations, Infographics, Pie charts, etc. It helps the HR experts transform piles of data compelling in infographics and pie charts. For any online or offline work, Visme allows HR professionals to deliver their work seamlessly.

Other services like professional letters, documents, invoices, letterheads, etc., are also offered by Visme. To manage and arrange various important data of companies, HR managers can also use a folder tree structure using Visme. Another cool feature that offers flexibility and display options over publishing and adding timers to progress slides automatically.

 13. Zenefits: Managing HR processes requires some special kind of skills to handle. Otherwise, it becomes a headache and tiring. To get you out of this headache, Zenefits provides a wide range of services like sending professional offer letters with all essential details to onboarding new joiners.

New joiners can also self-on board themselves using the Zenefits mobile application or website. Zenefits focuses on going paperless and offers digital signatures and integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Google Workspace, etc. Other events like resignation, promotions, department transfer, etc are done by an automated process. Zenefits also supports another workforce like freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors as well.

 14. Gusto: If you are exhausted from processing and managing various data of your employees on your own, then Gusto can definitely be the solution to ease up your process. Gusto processes payroll, onboarding, hiring, and clearance of payment very smoothly. It is one of the best SaaS tools when it comes to managing things efficiently.

You can create professional offer letters for new joiners to avoid the hassle of paperwork and can store all the documents in organized digital format. You can give a try to the Salary Comparison tool, Employer Tax Calculator, Small Business Financial Relief, etc., tools offered by Gusto.

15. Everhour: Being an efficient HR is hard, especially when you have to manage and process so many things that everything should be aligned. The important thing is to track how many times an employee has taken breaks or employee’s hours of work etc. In such scenarios, Everyhour comes into play and simplifies the process of time tracking of each employee.

Apart from these, Everyhour provides so many other benefits like managing Billing & Budgeting, task management, expenses, visual planning invoicing. You can access and manage all this through your project management tool without having any headaches.

16. Pollack Peace Building: This tool is the last one on our list but not the least. As in every company’s employees sometimes have some conflict regarding issues with the manager or higher authorities. If the conflicts keep ongoing, it is not a good sign for a healthy business, to be honest. So to mitigate the conflict between employees to the manager or higher authorities, Pollack comes into the picture.

Pollack provides coaching to improve communication skills and conflict management for executives and employees. They are very well renowned for addressing the problem and providing solutions like conflict resolution training, workplace peace-building, and peace-making so that the company can focus on productivity and revenues only.


The role of HR in a company or organization is significant. They process critical aspects of the company’s businesses like Recruiting, Joining, Payroll, promotion, Termination, etc. This kind of task requires a high level of accuracy with no errors and mistakes. But using any of the 15 tools mentioned above can simplify things. As the tools are backed by AI, high precision & zero errors will be there and it will ensure that productivity & revenue shoot high in no time.