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Managing a high-performing project is the dream of every manager. As an HR, you always look forward to working with professionals. Therefore, you need to have an added qualification. That is where project management professional certification comes in. Companies prefer HR managers with PMP certification as this improves how they handle the human resource in the company. When the human resource is managed well, the company is likely to be successful.

PMP enables you to get higher rates as compared to other human resource managers without PMP. Project management professionals are recognized globally, so you don’t have to worry about your location. Many institutions offer the exams, and you can look them up on the internet to choose the one that suits you. Below are the benefits of PMP certification for an HR you need to know:

Hiring And Recruiting

As an HR, recruiting and hiring are some of the primary functions you carry out. You need extra skills because recruiting is not just looking through resumes and carrying out interviews. In PMP, you get skills that will improve your ability to plan the workforce, write a job description, screen and advertise openings.

You must help the manager make hiring decisions; hence you need management skills to carry out your duties. With the primary goal of attracting a multigenerational workforce, PMP allows you to gain broad knowledge to help you achieve your human resource management goals.

Helps In Evaluating Performance

The course allows you to have a more profound knowledge of performance management. Remember, you will need to evaluate how each employee performs as you identify the areas of improvement without forgetting to recognize their achievements.

After passing a PMP practice exams, you will better understand how to conduct performance reviews required by employees and managers. Again, you gain better strategies for handling underperforming employees or those violating policies. The skills you acquire will also guide you in spelling out disciplinary procedures as indicated in the handbook, plus you can also train the manager to implement the policies.

Gives You An Edge On Benefits Management

Benefits are 30% of employee’s compensation. As a human resource manager, you need to understand how the company’s policies on benefits work. PMP will assist you in having a deeper understanding of how the benefits are provided, how fringe benefits are calculated, plus how they are taxed. When you understand how to administer employees’ benefits, you have an easy task of handling claims, thus increasing your efficiency.

The certification also enables you to evaluate the benefits package better to understand employee’s health insurance requirements and different mandates. You will embrace software to increase your productivity with additional skills like asking the employees about their opinions and communicating the value you offer to them.

Growing is the nature of humans, and as a resource manager, you need to lead by example. When you have extra qualifications like PMP certification, you instill confidence in the workforce you manage. Besides, it’s not all about having the PMP certificate; it also includes applying what you acquire after passing PMP practice exams.  With the skills acquired during certification, you can also recruit managers who have done PMP certification with confidence as you will have in-depth knowledge about the course. 

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