The success of any company is often dependent on the employees and how they are managed, among other factors, which is why human resources is an indispensable department in any organization. However, employee and project management can be challenging and time-consuming. Read on for six project management tools that human resource departments need to simplify HR duties this year.

project management tools

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1. Resource Guru

This human resource equipment booking software lets you find and track equipment in one schedule, saving you time to focus on other HR activities. With this software, you do not have to worry about double bookings as it has granular availability features that help you track capacity issues. 

Resource Guru can integrate with any device, which allows you to monitor equipment usage rates and other essential metrics such as billable and non-billable time. The Resource Guru software offers crucial features such as:

  • Resource scheduling and management
  • Project forecast reports
  • Capacity planning
  • Meeting room booking systems
  • Equipment and leave management
  • Project scheduling

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2. TimeCamp

This time tracking software helps you track working hours and billable time. It also allows you to plan a team’s workflow, determine what projects employees are working on, available staff, and allocate resources. The TimeCamp software also provides a budgeting feature that helps you manage all financial aspects of the business from a central location. Some of the key features of the TimeCamp human resource software include:

  • Attendance modules for different work leaves and styles
  • Project tracking and estimates
  • Timesheets that feature approvals
  • Reports on team activities
  • GPS tracking
  • Project budgeting
  • Automatic time tracking

3. Paymo

Paymo is a time-tracking project management tool that helps you create reports on employees’ worked hours to estimate the correct compensation.  This project management tool features two types of time-tracking, including:

a) Manual time-tracking

In manual tracking, your staff digitally record when they log in and log out to their respective workstations.

b) Automatic time-tracking

Automatic tracking runs on the device’s background while recording all the onscreen activities. These devices include desktops, mobile phones, laptops, and IOS. Through this tool, you can gauge the time your employee spends reading emails, browsing the internet, and working on the actual project. 

Through automatic and manual time tracking, you can determine and understand your staff’s total working hours and billed or unbilled tasks through automated and manual time tracking.

4. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a project management software accessible from different devices, including desktops and mobile phones, that helps you handle onboarding, employee records, and organization culture. This human resource tool is ideal for companies of all sizes and can be customized to suit specific company needs, and all important data is stored in the cloud. Some of the key features of HR Cloud include:

  • Employees directory
  • Survey
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Custom forms and workflows
  • E-signatures
  • Organization announcements
  • Internal company communication

5. HeySpace

If you are looking for a project management tool that helps you keep in touch with other company departments, you should consider investing in HeySpace. HeySpace is an easy-to-use human resource management software that allows you to communicate with other departments, clients, and team members.

With HeySpace, you do not have to invest in different tools for communication, task management, and project management as it integrates these three features. You also don’t have to switch to other applications. Some of the crucial HeySpace project management key features include:

  • Different workspaces for distinct departments, teams, and clients
  • Google docs attachments
  • Accessible as mobile, desktop, or web app
  • Convenience features such as mentions, status, copy and recurring tasks, and text editors
  • Individual and group chats
  • Hangout calls
  • Adjustable projects
  • TimeCamp integration
  • Integrated calendars
  • Notifications

6. Basecamp

This is a team collaboration and project management tool with calendar and file management features that help develop resource centers for quick employee onboarding.

Through Basecamp, you can create new employee profiles to store and share crucial documents such as payroll details, staff handbooks, holiday lists, and medical benefit forms. The software also provides a platform where new staff members can download, fill out and submit documents. The project management tool further allows you to assign tasks within the first few days of hiring. This helps save the time that would have been spent sending emails for various tasks.

Basecamp’s calendar feature allows you to update and alert new staff members about crucial upcoming company meetings and events such as team parties, conferences, seminars, and training.


Project management tools are crucial to making employee recruitment, delegation, and management of tasks less stressful. Familiarize yourself with the above essential tools and invest in software that suits your human resource department needs this year.