Performance management, for many, is a dreaded annual review. But when done properly, it’s the cornerstone of managing employee learning, responsibilities, and development. In reality, job seekers are looking for careers where they can grow. Management also wants employees who can improve and adapt to the market.

Both of these goals combine in the form of performance management. These six tools will help you create improvement plans, evaluate performance, and eliminate the opinion that you can do everything in a single annual review.

performance management tools

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If you’re looking for a talent management platform to help you create a workplace of advancement and growth, it’s Engagedly. It’s a tool that has everything and does everything. You can use it to track skills, assess for competence, set and align employee goals, and give real-time feedback and recognition, all while enhancing employee progress.

The main downside is the pricing, which starts at $5000 a year. This might not be the best option for small teams, but it encourages a powerful message. Employees and managers need to be in constant communication if a business is to move forward.


ClickUp is mainly a project management platform, but some features can turn it into a performance management tool. The reason is that all the tasks are already there, and you can even check the time-tracking reports. You can see which employee performed well, and you can look at the overview every month, quarter, or year.

There is also a possibility to set up a growth plan for the individual, communicate some learning goals, and keep track of the situation. By doing so, you can encompass bigger goals, such as career progression, and smaller learning sessions, such as nowadays important cybersecurity awareness programs. It’s often up to HR managers to organize teaching courses on how to check files for viruses or connect to remote work resources safely. And such tools as ClickUp help keep track of everything.

Compared to Engagedly, you’ll be surprised to find out that ClickUp is free forever, but there are premium plans with more features that go from $7 a month to 12$ a month, and there are custom offers for enterprises. The downside to this platform is that many features are unnecessary for small projects, and there’s a learning curve at the start.

Workhuman Conversations

The name Workhuman sounds like something an AI boss would tell their employees when they’re slacking off. But in reality, it’s the complete opposite. Workhuman is one of the best performance management platforms, and it’s been in the conversation for more than two decades. The tool encourages praising each other’s accomplishments and rewarding people who go above and beyond in the workplace.

Companies that use this operations management software want to create a positive culture and encourage frequent praise. The best features include rewards, social recognition, and deep insights into individual and team performance. The downside is the pricing, which can be too high for small teams.


PerformYard covers everything you need in a performance marketing tool for an affordable price. It allows you to track employee metrics, objectives, and key results and monitor their progress. You can customize it to work on an organizational or an individual level.

Instead of the dreaded annual review, PerformYard promotes constant and high-quality conversations between leaders and employees. It’s up to you whether to do it via performance evaluations or structured check-ins and notes. The monthly subscription starts at $1 per person and can go up to $10 per person based on the features you need.


Every person is unique, which means that every company culture is unique. PeopleGoal is a system that adapts to your business and helps you with 360 feedback, OKRs, performance reviews, goal tracking, and other HR processes.

Setting up PeopleGoal for the first time might be a hassle. But as soon as you get on top of how it works, it can be the boost you need for maximizing engagement and performance. It allows surveys for employee feedback, and you can make the process work both ways. Help your employees plan their career paths, create personal development plans, and see how their feedback can push your company goals further. All that for a monthly subscription of $4 per person.


Performance management, when done wrong, leads to unreached potential and high staff turnover. You don’t want that to happen. But all those manual processes and fragmented systems get in the way. Leapsome is the way to overcome these issues with an all-in-one solution. You get to boost engagement, improve the company culture, give and get feedback, and piece together custom workflows for $8 per user.

Some Final Thoughts

Whether you choose Engagedly, ClickUp, or any other suggested platform, each tool has its unique features and pricing plans. You need to consider your team’s size, goals, and budget to choose the best performance management tool that fits your needs. Remember that investing in the right performance management tools can help you achieve long-term success and stay ahead of the competition in 2024.