Happier people are productive, and productive people work all the time, right? That’s how they get so much done—yes?

Nope, not at all: Productivity doesn’t actually have much to do with hours. In fact, there are several myths related to productivity that need some dispelling. For starters, those hours: More of them doesn’t equal more work done. In fact, it equals turnover and absenteeism. The work, not the hours, are what matters.

And should those hours be spent in the office? Not necessarily: Flex time actually increases productivity. Another thing that’s misunderstood? Giving yourself a break from those slumps. Many people also assume that busy work is best tackled right away, but actually what’s hardest should be done first. But when you do the hardest things, don’t try to do too much: Multitasking isn’t the way to be a more productive employee. Neither are meetings—too many of them and you’re likely going to create an unproductive work culture. Unrelenting pressure, too, can be a way to overtax employees and thus diminish productivity.

All in all, knowing what makes you unproductive can be a good way to tackle the problems. This infographic shows you where to start:

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Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity
Infographic by Quill