For millions of budding professionals worldwide, remote work is less of a constraint and more of an offering. The Gen Z and Millennial workforce now look for a remote option, even if the physical office is in their city. They enjoy flexible work schedules, the ability to take up side-hustles and plan work vacations. 

Consequently, everything from workplace etiquettes and recruiting patterns have evolved to accommodate the changing work styles. Employers are stepping up their remote work game whereas recruiters are reiterating their hiring processes to keep afoot with the change. 

One of the most prominent themes in the recruitment world, today, is the uprise of Collaborative Hiring. It’s an upgrade from the linear one-person-one-interview approach and strives to make hiring a team effort. 

If you have interviewed for a position in 2021, you might have had a chance to meet several interviewers from different departments on your Zoom calls. Each interviewer would have discussed unique agendas with you and ultimately, it would have been a team decision rather than a “yes” or “no” from a top-level exec. This is what collaborative hiring can look like.  

Essentially, such a collaboration at the team level makes hiring a wholesome experience. Multiple stakeholders can have a say in the final decision while gauging the candidate for culture, company, and vision alignment. 

In this article, we explore a variety of tools that can help you set up and nurture a collaborative hiring process at your organization. 

Hiring Tools
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ProofHub is a team management software that enables HROs to create an effective collaborative hiring process. Right from shortlisting candidates to setting up interview rounds with internal teams, the tool simplifies how recruitment drives are managed. Using custom workflows, each candidate profile can be dutifully screened step-by-step with the active involvement of hiring stakeholders.  

Hiring tasks such as reviewing candidate applications, scheduling interviews, etc, can be easily streamlined using a Kanban Board System. The CVs, portfolios, and employment forms created during the process can be dutifully stored in the “Files” section. An integrated calendar system makes tracking applications smoother. Internal team chat and discussion boards allow teams to communicate easily during the entire recruitment lifecycle. 

Being a SaaS staffing agency software, it allows teams to hire and onboard remote employees easily. Whether you work remotely or are switching to remote work, managing your hiring workflows is simpler with ProofHub. 

Top Features of ProofHub 

  • Task Workflows – split the hiring workflow into stages that can be easily tracked by multiple stakeholders.
  • Team Collaboration – work on files, documents and share ideas on a single platform with several features for team collaboration.
  • Calendars – schedule interviews, invite team members and organize recruitment drives with a shareable calendar


ProofHub is offered at a flat monthly fee of $89 billed annually which includes unlimited hiring projects.  


Recruitee facilitates the entire process of recruiting with tools for every step of the process. Starting from creating a jobs page to reviewing applicants to setting them up for interviews, it manages all the aspects. It also has features for sourcing candidates using job posting features and a referrals hub for inviting internal references. For performance improvements, it has a surveying tool also. 

The software’s focus is on collaborative hiring with several design features that enhance the recruitment experience. Teams can stay in the loop of active applicants and reach unanimous decisions with streamlined data sharing. 

Top Features of Recruitee

  • Hiring Pipelines – create a step-by-step pipeline for all stages, right from shortlisting to onboarding. 
  • Interview Management – create assessments for candidates and communicate updates from within the tool. 
  • Onboarding Tools – manage e-signatures and talent pools with easy onboarding management.


Recruitee’s plans start at $185 per month when billed annually. 


Recruiterflow is a recruiting software designed for human resource consultancies that source talent for their business clients. It offers a host of features for managing both the supply of eligible candidates and meeting talent demand from the client’s end. Built as a Recruiting CRM, managers can actively screen candidates and build profiles while communicating with the hiring organizations. 

It offers key features for tracking candidates via a custom careers page and streamlining the inflow of applications. Account executives can automate the critical screening steps and move eligible candidates into interviews rounds faster. It also improves stakeholder productivity by reducing data entry automation capabilities. 

Top Features of Recruiterflow

  • Manage Candidates – HROs can manage all the applicants by building rich profiles and segregating job roles.
  • Automate Hiring Processes – automate the laborious steps of the hiring workflow such as data entry and email updates.
  • Communicate with Clients – create a client database and serve organizations with their talent acquisition needs faster. 


Recruiterflow is charged at $75 per month per user billed annually for growing agencies.  


BambooHR is a full-fledged HRMS that offers people data management, recruiting workflows, and payroll – all in one product. Its recruiting module features a well-designed Application Tracking System, useful for collaborative hiring. HR Managers can invite other team members to weigh in on the application process and collectively qualify candidates. It also packs features for onboarding employees with offer letter templates and approvals. 

The ability to create candidate-facing application pages helps HROs to quickly publicize open positions. A supportive recruitment system further reduces the overheads involved in the process. While teams can leverage its collaborative module, it can function as a standalone HRMS also. 

Top Features of BambooHR 

  • HR Data Management – manage applicant profiles in a neat database optimized for processing open roles and references. 
  • Recruiting – run recruitment drives by publishing open positions and collaboratively managing the influx of applicants.
  • Onboarding – build a smooth onboarding process with in-built features for getting new hires started quickly. 


Pricing for BambooHR is available on a quote basis only.   


Greenhouse is a feature-rich recruiting and onboarding software that offers a lot of useful tools for hiring managers. They can create a detailed career page with all the open positions visible to active applicants. The received applications can then be graded collaboratively by interviewers. An internal task management system makes it easy to allow multiple teams to work on the same applicant. 

In addition to offering a backend to recruiters, it integrates with other tools such as HackerRank, Namely, etc. Organizations can improve their hiring efficiency with surveys and feedback forms supplied in the software package. 

Top Features of Greenhouse

  • Recruiting Tools – manage applicant profiles with an in-built ATS for streamlined recruiting.
  • Onboarding Workflows – HR managers can simplify the documentation and company onboarding process with smart workflows.
  • Reporting – gain insights into the recruitment performance and pipelines for improving the process.    


Greenhouse offers three plans – essential, advanced, and expert. The exact pricing is available on a quote basis. 


Workday is a multifarious employee management suite with a nifty talent acquisition module. It offers features for understanding the talent needs inside an organization, marketing available jobs, and bringing stakeholders together for collaborative hiring. With the help of neat dashboards and functionalities, Workday removes friction from the recruitment process. 

It’s especially useful for HROs in large organizations that usually have large talent pools to fill. It allows easy candidate screening and interview management, reducing the workload associated with onboarding new employees. It’s backed by industry-leading data security compliances to maintain harmony across the recruitment process.  

Top Features of Workday 

  • Candidate Marketing – market open positions and engage relevant candidates to improve application volume.
  • Team Collaboration – work with your team members to evaluate applications collaboratively. 
  • Reporting – get detailed insights into the recruiting landscape vis-a-vis job openings, locations, hiring trends, etc. 


Pricing for Workday is available on a quote basis only.   


Ready to welcome the change at your organization? Pick a tool that aligns with your unique use case and helps you build a culture of collaboration. As remote work matures further with better policies and incentives for employees, collaborative hiring will become an irrevocable part of the modern way of working. Better prepare and transform your processes in advance to hire the best people for your people’s best.